What online business can I start with 500 thousand naira


pornhub is free joor. try harder


Oh this is very true…see samples of what the prints look like now… See how the printing is already peeling off, after just one hand wash. I wonder what it would look like if we had a used washing machines


Abbah guy!


Lol, that was a joke. No way intended to be taking seriously there


@Lord_Commander You have demon investors are yet you yourself never blow??
I want angel investors rather


Maybe the hand-wash was hard on the print but generally it shouldn’t have been an issue cause you can’t force anyone to adapt a particular washing mode.

Have you tried @Bibiana’s https://bibitees.com/ I’ve not tried them yet but looking forward to.


You don’t know me so what makes you so sure that I have not blown? Nigerians! I blame the education system. Ordinary sarcasm you can’t comprehend


Did you reach out to them?

2 years ago, They made a “not soo obvious mistake” on my complimentary card. They asked me to keep it and also sent new corrected version for free…

Their customer care reps are not lurking on radar…

These are the number you should call to lay complaints ; +2348099561333+2348099561000 Open 9.00am - 5.00pm Mon - Fridays

Stop the libel.


Nope I didn’t bother because right from day 1 the customer service was appalling…calling now will not change anything

First, they didn’t deliver when they said they would

Two, we had to call …and from the conversation, it sounded like they “forgot about our orders”. Apparently some colors were not in stock and no one called us to inform us before our call. It was only after we called, they said, “lets call you back” and when they did, they said, “the blue t-shirts are not currently in stock.”

Three, they couldn’t deliver the two colors we chose when they said they would… we had to wait for extra days. We needed those t-shirts for a given offline campaign, and we missed our window.

Four, we didnt get the quality we expected, for the price we paid.

So really, I was not even interested in calling… the issues were just too much for me.

; [quote=“BalogunDanjuma, post:48, topic:10136”]
Stop the libel.

Then, this is the definition of libel a “published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation;”

So, it isn’t Libel if it true… you saw the pictures I posted. Or do you want me to post the receipts too???

Lastly, If I wanted these numbers, I think I know where to find them. And I didnt post on radar because I wanted to reach out to their customer care department… I posted because I was just upset, and rightly so.


Its alright to be upset… Drink water…


Ultimate Defender of the Universe. Always attacking people that dare share their negative experience with Nigerian businesses. Are you out to deny people their right to free expression or what?


I tire o. Nigerians we are so comfortable with mediocre!


Ultimate Elenu-gboro! That is why you are unemployed… Make them no dey disturb us with their issue, when they were doing business with printivo, did they requested for our opinion? This is not printivo’s forum abeg…

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These callouts are actually often beneficial to everyone – the business, the person doing the callout and the community.

This is raw feedback from an actual customer, this type of feedback should be invaluable to any entrepreneur serious about scaling a business.

I personally was going to order some shirts from Printivo and presto I found this. I don’t think N3,500 is expensive for a shirt, it’s actually cheap IMO but I won’t be ordering the shirts I need from Printivo unless they convince me that the shirt of N3500 is low quality and they have higher quality shirts/prints for a higher price.

Printivo has lost my business this time, but I am still open to trying them in the future. If I had ordered shirts from them and got the quality shown in those pictures I would NEVER do business with them again.