What is your view about CyParks, eCommerce Marketplace for digital products?


Hello every One,

Just want your honest point of view about this website https://www.cyparks.com I want to know your thought about it please.

But first let me tell you what the site is all about;

CyParks.Com is an eCommerce Marketplace for digital products. We sell mostly digital (Downloadable) products and Online Services like; eBooks, Videos, AudioBooks, softwares, Website/App Designs, Graphic Designs, Photograph, Architectural Design, Articles Writing, Video Animation and more…

How it works:
You post Product or Services free, for sell on CyParks, then CyParks Market it to Buyers. Just like a typical eCommerce Marketplace.

We have two ways, how you can sell on CyParks:

  1. You can sell products that you are affiliate to:
    You can post products from websites that you are affiliate to. Once the buy button is clicked, from the product detail page, it takes the buyer to any page (affiliate website) which you have earlier specified when you’re posting the product for sell on CyParks.

  2. Or sell your own products:
    Selling your own product can be done in two ways;

2.1 Selling Through CyParks:
Selling through CyParks means CyParks will act as an Escrow. Buyers pay through CyParks to get your products, you provide the product; CyParks relinquish the payment to you.

2.2 Selling Directly:
You post your product, buyers click on the buy button, and then it may ake them to an external page (Your website) or to Seller Contact page on CyParks where they can contact you and finalize your transaction.

For our Marketing:

We use email Marketing, Social Media, and Affiliates Marketers (CyParks Affiliate Program) for now.

Our Drawback: The site is not mobile friendly. We are working on that now.

Now, your Views and Question please.

Thank you.


Why are all the prices in dollars?

I am not against using an already made template, but the least you could do was

  1. Choose a mobile friendly template
  2. Change the prices to be in Naira.
  3. I don’t understand why users will be forced to sign up to make purchases, especially cause it’s all digital goods/


There are actually mixed currencies… some dollars others are Naira, then it’s so not responsive, so it’s a no no on mobile

  1. The site was not design with a ready made template. It was design from scratch with Dream Weaver. We looking at creating a sub domain like m.youtube, m.facebook etc to accommodate the mobile users.

  2. Not all the price are in Dollars the reason why you found some Dollars and some in Naira is because those selling in Dollars are mostly selling affiliate products. Check (1) in my post.

  3. Maybe that will make us loss potential buyers, it is customer acquisition strategy and if they really want the product they will have to sign up if they did not sign up, the they don’t really need the product perhaps.

I really appreciate your time.

Thank you very much for your input.


Hello Farad,

Yes the site is not responsive we are working on providing an m.cyparks for the mobile.

The mixed currency is as a result of those selling affiliate products. Check (1) in my post.

Many Thanks.


I have known cyparks for years, 5 or more. I’m surprised and quite interested in knowing how you’ve been able to stay afloat, bootstrapped for this long wihout much recognition.


Yes many guys knows about CyParks for that long. We are able to stay afloat through little revenues that were generated to keep the company afloat but not enough scale it.

The truth is that we have failed several times using different services and different business model, but the name CyParks was not able to fail because the name was not tight to a generic name.

If Yahoo, Google, Konga Jumia or Alibaba fails, their names will hardly fail.

That is why we still leave for this long.

Thank you.


This is not good strategy. Don’t force e-commerce users to sign up, but collect their email addresses during purchase. These are digital products which will be sent to their emails. Collect their emails, automatically sign them up, but give them an opt out option. Also, if you’d like, after purchase, ask if they’d like to register. The key thing here is to get the visitor to experience your aha! moment very quickly. Always remember desire - friction = momentum. Less friction, more momentum.


Thank you Topsylee for that valuable advice. I really appreciate it. We will look into that and implement very soon.

Thanks again.