What is the most stupid thing you've done or heard as a developer


The most stupid thing have done :smirk: posting on radar.techcabal.com:slight_smile:


Live editing on godaddy cpanel :joy:


what is the correct form please? enlighten me


@Umar select count(*) from x?


i dnt know… so am asking


I kind of just answered.


oh yh? :grinning: okay
select count(*) from (Table name)
Try to give detailed answers, a total novice might be reading this and will type X as his table name :slight_smile:


A novice runs the risk of failure without additional traits: a taste for research, and a desire to experience the incomparable gratification associated with the act of discovery itself.

I believe @xolubi sensed your additional traits, as his response was directed to your question. :grinning:


You can also use mysql_num_rows() in php or equivalent in other languages . Say you wanted to find returned rows on custom select criteria.
This info wld be obvious, except for beginners


By researching, i take it you mean surfing the internet and looking for answers .As a programmer you should know some research can be tiring and you always need the help of someone experienced . Every seconds is a chance to teach and learn

If I may ask what will it take @xolubi to type it in a very easy to understand way? Wont take anything from him :slight_smile: so please if you are posting anything and you think it will help someone out there, please make it self explanatory .


At this point, you’re just trolling and you know it.


Oh I am? Well that good considering the fact that I am right
Not everyone is a pro like you :slight_smile: your greatest achievement can be my own smallest achievement and vice versa…there is no boss anywhere, we are all students and teachers .
so even if you think am trolling … I am undeniably right.:grinning:


Really? The entitlement is strong with this one. You asked a question, it was answered and you’re taking the piss it wasn’t answered well enough for the hypothetical newbie out there. You seem like the king of guy who would be given a wife and still ask for a matrimonial mat. A thanks and God bless would have been enough.


PDO is preferable … So you can use $object->rowCount();


Baba, I tweeted at you. Holla back. E jo.


Most stupid thing i’ve heard as a dev, being asked to develop an API using Wordpress i guess :slight_smile:


No don’t use either of those if all you need is a count. Just send a count query like @xolubi rightly said.


Errr, since we’re on this path, I once collaborated with someone by emailing code back and forth and sending notes on the line numbers they shouldn’t change. I felt stupid when I discovered DVCS.


Shying away from regex for so long. I followed some rather silly routes while trying to avoid regex. That shit makes my life so beautiful right now.


Yeah true! … I was just suggesting a better alternative to “mysql_num_rows()”. For the count query, I think it’s better to use “SELECT COUNT(1)” instead of “SELECT COUNT(*)” … What do you think?