What is the best and easiest way to receive international payments in Nigeria


So I have this little skill that I noticed is becoming demanding online. I found some clients who are willing to work with me ( From US, China e.t.c), most are very ready to make payments via Paypal but it doesn’t work in NG. What other alternatives can I use to receive international payments online.

Is there some sorta service that can help receive a Paypal payment for a commission.

Note: have tried Payoneer, I haven’t received my card till date.


You can open a US :us: PayPal or Accept Bitcoin payment.


Payoneer is definitely a viable option.
You can request a payment and your client pays by credit card.
It’s what i use for occasional Freelance work.

P/S- You may need to contact customer support so that they send another card


If your source of payment is genuine I can receive your payment in PayPal on behalf of you and pay you in Naira. If you care. T&c. Apply. DM


They can use world remit or transfer wise. There’s western union. Money gram. Bitcoin. Perfect Money. They can also make a direct international wire transfer to your Nigerian bank account. For this one I’m not too sure. You can ask your bank of this.


I’ve sent money from UK to Nigeria via WorldRemit - very efficient. https://www.worldremit.com


You can try this