What happened to SpokenTwice.com?


Wole,…Please respond to this question


@spokentwice This domain name expired on May 09 2017 07:40PM


@Ogechi_Daniel_Ndukwe thanks for your concerns. I am aware… but it is a little complex.

The long story is that I had issues paying my hosting company (as a result of CBN’s policy on card issues), so I moved to this local hosting company that “messed” things up a bit. Am currently seeking options to host and move the domanin.

Any helps will be appreciated.


@spokentwice I have visited your website several times. My understanding from the analysis is that you write to improve your brand as opposed to making passive income through Google Adsense? If this is the case, why can’t you switch to Medium.com custom domain? It offers a lifetime hosting package at an affordable one time fee.

On a different note, I thought it would be nice to name the “Local Hosting Company” that messed you up.



You can pay for namecheap hosting using a normal GTB/Access bank naira debit card.

I am assuming your website doesn’t get millions of hits per month and doesn’t consume too much bandwidth. If I am right then any basic hosting plan from them will be fine.


Even first bank. I tested it with my First bank card and it returned “Insuffficent Fund”. I guess that means it was able to access the card balance…


Put some money in ur FBN account na. If it works then it means GTB/Access/FBN still support international payments via naira card.


I will. not now, am not ready to renew my hosting. I just wanted to know if Namecheap would accept my FBN card.


Cards from https://getbarter.co/ works Namecheap


but exchange rate ehn!


where is your website hosted on?


If it’s namecheap, I use them to host all my sites - been paying with my paypal - connected to my dom account.


Try Barter, it works like cray!! You can try it for hosting issues.


@Kofacts Barter is currently under maintenance, I can’t create new cards