What does Drink.NG, SuperMart.NG and Gloo.NG have in common against Pay on Delivery


These 3 startups seem to be disrupting the “Pay on Delivery” monster as we know it in Nigeria ecommerce space. It is too early to conclude that they can successfully disrupt this model

Here is what I think http://techpoint.ng/the-mavericks-guide-for-startups-ready-to-kill-pay-on-delivery-ecommerce-model/

What do you guys thinks?


I’m not sure the word disrupt means what you think it means.


Disrupt: one of the most abused words used by folks in the tech/startup ecosystem.

And to think about it, its not even a good word. You’d wonder why it is so romanticized! In fact, you shouldn’t be disrupting but instead helping to organise!

But hey, what do I know?
We can all blame that innovator’s dilemma guy whose name I will never be able to spell without googling!

These days everybody is DISRUPTING!


Nice move Gloo & Supermart with the subscription model. About time to kill POD before it kills Jumia & Konga


I think the removal of Pay on delivery is not exactly disruption except if we are defining disruption differently. I can tell from my experience of some of these brands especially supermart.ng that the Pay before delivery makes their service more efficient. As opposed to the traditional 2 to 10 days delivery window that e-commerce companies usually set, supermart.ng delivers in 3 hours without fail at least from my experience. So, this is my take, if the service is efficient because i pay before hand, why settle for less quality when i will still pay eventually.
Meanwhile, I think removing Pay on delivery will also foster the cashless policy.

Pay on delivery, demon of Nigerian e-commerce?

Pay on Delivery needs to die.


“I think removing Pay on delivery will also foster the cashless policy.”

No, I think fostering the cashless policy will accelerate the death of POD. More use cases to drive adoption and POD will die a natural death.


This shouldn’t be an issue. POD got the back seat.


To @afrika2020 and @xolubi, it is “safe” to interpret the concepts of disrupt as changing the mindset the average customer is used to as popularised by Jumia, Konga and the big eCommerce sites.

If I can digress, POD is a big expense to a startup (it is just like offering credits to your customers) which you are not sure can be paid back.

Maybe another incremental approach can be:

  1. If buyers are paying upfront, they enjoy a discount lower than those paying on delivery.

Just my thoughts peeps. You can add yours or critique this. :innocent:


@spokentwice all they are doing is ignoring/abandoning the idea. not disrupting it.


LOL But Supermart delivers groceries mostly, if it took 2-10 days to deliver bread, you wouldn’t need the bread anymore now would you?


Pay on Delivery will now have to stay for ecommerce(for a while). Now that you can’t make >60K transactions on a POS or Online.

Yesterday, you could withdraw up to NGN150,000 every day from an ATM. Now you can’t withdraw more than N60,000. And what is more, the cap applies to POS/online transactions as well. Wait, doesn’t that automatically put goods on Konga/Jumia et al above N60k out of everyone’s reach?

Nigeria’s CBN cuts ATM and POS transaction caps