What do you think about this? constructive criticism please


Hi everyone, i just did a logo for a fabric/clothing company. I’m still a learner in the game, so i sent the final work in three format (JPEG, PSD AND SVG) I don’t know if its necessary. Well, please what do you think about it, i would love to know. Thanks.


Looks pretty cool if its for an action/active wear company. Simple but dynamic. Would be interesting to see it in other color variations.


Wow, thank you. its an honour.


I wonder…why is constructive criticism the only critique that matters? Your visual is gonna be seen by everyone - intelligent, cognitive and people-who-are-criminally-insane-but-for-the-grace-of-Nigeria-aren’t-in-a-mad-house. My point is: everyone’s gonna see it so why just limit your feedback to constructive critique?
All feedback must be welcome


I’ll rate it 6/10 right now. I’m assuming you are going for an edgy feel, so try other angular fonts for AB and play with some other colors while keeping either the black or white color.


I like that, so do you think a mad man will like it. LOL. Just Joking:laughing:


Thanks a lot, i know there are still somethings i need to get right. well, that’s why I’m here. but thanks all the same. :blush:


Its disjointed. The AB doesnt rhyme with the Threads Company Ltd. Also thematically it looks like something out of a comic book rather than something that elicits the image of a fashion/textiles company.


I like this comment

And this comment

Buy I say go for it. Start now don’t waste time. The logo is good to go. You can always change it in the future.

For now I am sure it flows with your vision. Don’t waste time thinking, start breaking somethings Man!

But make sure the color flows with your company’s color and website.

Good Speed!


thanks, its very encouraging.


Your font is a NO NO!!!, Please use a different font like Hevletica, Bell Gothic or a Variation of those, also for a Fabrc company a Black and White Font doesnt cut it, it can be one of the Layers, they should have at least 3 color option types.


This is the problem with opinions. Everyone has theirs!
To me, the logo is okay.


Never said it wasnt okay, im saying a black and white for a fabric company wont make sense, again its an opinion, oga asked for it i responded.


Lol. He made it for a client.

First of all, you’ve already sent them to the client, so I don’t think the critiques matter that much now. With that being said, for next time, you could help with providing a little context. Like, why did you choose THAT font for THE COMPANY, what were some of the client’s requirements, where will the logos appear. Questions like these would better allow the ogas here understand where you’re coming from.

My thoughts

  1. The edges are very sharp, which makes sense for a sewing company (needle). But whether it works for your client depends on what type of clothing they make, for example, if it’s a clothing company for babies or kids, you certainly don’t want something like that, you want something round, something safe, playful etc. If it’s a clothing company for business people, you want some classic font, some serif font maybe, clean, tall and bold. You get the idea. So it all depends on what type of company you’re designing for.
    And like the @PinkEngr mentioned, play with some more colors, since you mentioned this was the final cut.

  2. If you absolutely have to use THAT shape/font, you should consider working out all the sides of the letters, especially that B, it’s flat on some sides, slightly curvy on some, you don’t want that. Let your flat be flat. Try to work out those details to create some sense of harmony and consistency all round.

  3. I like the font you used for the Threads company ltd, I like the loops and rhythm, sort of what happens with threads, but I would have preferred that treatment on the main letters.

More importantly, keep doing stuff. Vectors are free!


All the same, the client should go for it :slight_smile:


I’m so so grateful, i think by far this is what constructive criticism is. Thank you so much and i will definitely take all your suggestions into consideration.