WeMove 1.0: Our new WeMove.co website just went live


Hi guys,

Sometime last year, I published WeMove.co: Building towards a better, healthier and more convenient transportation experience. Join the movement introducing a website I built to help people book vehicles online, with a grand aim of recording all vehicles in Nigeria. I’m glad to announce some progress report on that project.

We just went live with our 1.0 site and it’s available on: http://www.wemove.co.

Please read my Medium Post below for full details and tell me what you think. My team would love the feedback. Also, thanks a lot for all the support.


This is good news Celesto. keep pushing


Nice one but permit me to ask …you guys had no website before? :wink: So how were you able to process transactions? I know I do get your emails back then but maybe because I didn’t have an immediate need, I never took note. Well done guys.


Thanks @emekaokoli.

Thanks @bigtt76. We had a site. But it was just an MVP didn’t do much record and booking management. This one does. And there are other features which we’ve disabled because we’re moving & reorganising data from the old site.


It’s a nice platform. No doubt, it will turn out good.