We are now in Lekki Phase I


We are so glad to inform all our clients here on radar that the corporate headquarters of Pukena is now in Lekki effective immediately.

We are one of the beneficiaries of the Lagos Innovates Workspace Voucher Program and we got a Universal voucher that covers for the rent at any of the six partner hubs under the program for 12 months.

We chose to camp with Venia Business Hub in Lekki Phase I, and it has been nothing short of ecstatic.

This is the best thing that has happened to us as a startup just 7 months after launch. It’s a beginning of a new era for the vision of Pukena.

Thank you to the entire Lagos Innovates team for this opportunity.

You just gave us wings to fly!!!


OK you got a free office rent paid for the next 12 months… Ask your self if you have what it takes to maintain and keep paying for the next years ahead or you., Simply move out at the end of the free months to Ajegunle or Ojota. You need funding and not rent paid up front.


Lol…I laughed out loud after reading your post. But I will reserve my comment. Thanks for your observation though. Our results in the next 12 months will give you the reply you need.


Why are you posting pics of yourself? This is not Facebook / Instagram.


Radarians, make una take a chill pill joor…una too serious for this forum. This is a good news that a startup that started with nothing 7 months ago, just had its biggest burden removed from its shoulders in form of a grant from the Lagos state government. This is the nly place I am getting negative reviews on this subject. Haba…na so una own serious reach, abeg free me lol


@pukena free you from what? na you carry your sign-board come market!.
Go and make a paid press release of about getting a free 12 months rent paid by the govt. Check records, self made men are in the fore-front in business than those sponsored to the UK and America with golden-spoons.
If you have broken any records personally, I would have taken you seriously… But ringing a bell that Govt paid your rent is not something i want to hear pls…


Best wishes my Brother.


:joy::joy::joy: thank you sir. Good luck with your record breaking.


Thanks boss.


Nice to see you are still rolling. God bless our hustle.


Thanks boss


@pukena I think there is a sense to pick from @crescent advise. Your achievement is on been helped to pay for an office rent… 12 months is already here. Looking at the service you offer, Posh location is not what you need. How can you continue to pay the rent bill in such a location remains a pain in ass! probably the status “my office is at lekki” is what got into you to post such photo of you as which instalgramming or snap chatting… checking on your outdated website, you still have conflicted addresses on your pages…
Anyway, there is God o


Oga, I don’t see this as a status symbol. We were given a Universal voucher that we could have redeemed in any of the partner hubs under the Lagos Innovates Program, but we decided to redeem it in Venia Business Hub lekki as a strategic move due to our target market is densely located there. It may interest you to know that prior to this more than 90% of our orders come from the island. We have taken painters all the way from surulere to lekki to paint a hotel. It is only natural for us to be close to our target market if given the choice.

U worry about what happens after 12 months as if a here to dance shuku shuku… In less than 4 months implementing our strategy here, I don’t think paying rent will be a problem to us.

Try to think big bros. I have achance to learn from the very best, from great companies am sharing offices with-Taxify, Flutterwave, etc


Don’t see this as a status symbol, this is jut the best platform we have gotten to scale this business, watch this space!!!


Congrats bro. It’s not easy. More blessings.


Good luck man


To those criticising the op what have you guys achieve in your life? Instead of encouraging him you are busy criticising. @pukena I which you the best with your startup.


Thanks boss


Thanks sir


@Christopher you have no idea as to how is hiding under various IDs here on radar… so you have clue as to what each and everyone here has achieved!
We dont clap unnecessarily here… we say what we envisaged, its up to you to watch and look or piss off


@pukena if you like live next door to billionaire, that does not mean you will soon become one.
Been in the neighborhood of Taxify or flutterwave, can not double your account balance. You still value unnecessary status and prestige which was earlier highlighted to you above from preceding comments and you just fell into it once again-- post again a selfie from ur borrowed office perhapds it will pay your rent in the next 9 months when your “borrowed equity” is expired