We are having issues - Security (Techgyst)


If you read on Techgyst.com, you must have noticed that we have pulled down all our articles and in fact cleared all we had on our website. (We are currently re-uploading).

We noticed that we were hacked about 4 months ago but didn’t know where to start. The exploit used was indoxploit from Bangkhalan.

What it does is deface your Wordpress based website (maybe others, who knows) change passwords and locks the admin off.

Right now, things are cool but lately (since this week) we have been getting notifications concerning attacks and thus have been forced to notify everyone here.

Have you faced such before?
If yes, how did you solve it?

We welcome response from everybody, especially experienced WordPress users.

Also, if you need us to tell you what we have done so far, we will answer.

I can’t say more since I am using a VPN (Psiphon) I do not trust and must kill it in order to do other things online.



Handling security for Wordpress (or any) website is a serious work.

But since this is Wordpress specific, let me pass on some suggestions:

  1. Considering implementing Cloudflare (https://www.cloudflare.com/) : I have used this and it works by preventing some automated access to your site using several methods depending on the security level you choose. Users with suspicious IPs may be presented with something like this http://prntscr.com/gjygjk

  2. Always check and install the latest version of themes and plugins.

  3. Make sure you delete ALL themes and plugins that are not in use.

  4. Consider Wordfence (https://www.wordfence.com) or Sucuri to limit login attempts and monitor realtime traffic to your website. I use Wordfence and I it found very useful.

  5. Make sure you change default ‘admin’ username

  6. You can also implement automatic logout for idle users.

  7. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP DAILY, WEEKLY OR MONTHLY. At least you will have something to fall back to incase.

Read more about Hardening Wordpress Website here


Thank you very much, we have done the above.



Let me add this to what @jekayode has said. Dont use nulled themes/plugins