Watch a fidgety Bankole talk about Playable City Lagos


This is what I spent a lot of March 2016 doing, and I got to talk about it to Russell Southwood. LOL, I wish Russell would have chosen a less embarrassing video thumbnail.

Ah, yes @raydaizy was on the team too.


Cool stuff.


Yo, can I get to see tree?


We had to deactivate the physical prototype we built at Freedom Park, but aside the tree itself, it’s really just some software and a few hardware components that cost a couple hundred dollars to put together.


Interesting. So, I’m guessing there are plans to do this across the city? Found sponsors yet?


LOL, there are no plans as such to do anything right now. But I do plan to write an extensive report on the process that led us to the prototype stage and expound on the larger possibilities (obviously a network of connected trees is an exciting prospect) that we’ve contemplated. Then we’ll see what happens from there.


Please do. Looking forward to that.


Who’s the young man documenting in 5:50? Jerry something? Is his work online?


Jeremiah Ikongio.

Juxtaposed Lagos:


Fantastic stuff really!..I think Nigerians are the happiest people in the world but we don’t play enough, if you know what I mean. Lagosians don’t take time to admire the even the landscape of Lagos…I hope your projects get enough attention and collaboration to create something beautiful as you have brilliantly imagined.


I am just trying to imagine the phone conversation in the danfo… “Who be this??? Na you get this phone???”

or probably someone seeing the phone and stylishly taking it, turning it off and placing it in his pocket…lol


Really good stuff… Sure, you’ve been busy :grinning:


LMAO…Reminds me of Ugandans who’ll take anything and everything. The phone will have to be chained to the wall. And then a cage built around it.


No way you can stylishly pocket THIS phone.


This is a big phone ooooo

Did someone actually pickup the phone without any prompting?

I imagine a lot of people will be shy to just pickup a phone …
What if you pick and no one at the other end picks? Does it start ringing… #PersonofInterestThings


Challenge accepted.


LOL, I’d love to watch Professor Ezra “Fingers” stow this one in his space pockets.