A marketplace for entrepreneurs and freelancers


Vendrack is an online marketplace for company, entrepreneurs and freelance services. It provides all the adequate tools and platform for buying and selling of goods and services.Vendrack focuses on easy transaction between buyers and sellers, with all the require tools in managing and growing of business.


At Vendrack, security of both buyers and sellers is our top priority, activities of every users is being monitored at all point
Making of payments is never been easy, and sellers get paid directly to their bank account. All payments on Vendrack is secured by Paystack
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I think this your idea is a great one, I will talk about it fully in later times


Thanks :pray:


u need a professional to do your copy. too much words. better few or no words than too many “wherebys”. nice concept though…but so many freelancing sites already.u must up ur game. most of ur categories re still empty. more greese bro, e no easy