Updated - I have a team and a researched commercially viable idea, no money.How do I start?


Hello Radarians, I have a team of business and tech savvy persons as cofoumders. We have done due market research on the problem and channels to market. But we have no money to get to market.

If you are an angel here and would love to take a peep at what we are doing. Kindlly reply, message me or via email @ muvyadsfounder @gmail.com Our startup is focused on the Nollywood film industry to help film producers earn more, and yes it is not a Video on Demand.

Thank you. If am wrong with what we are doing one mail and we are done and if am right…Thank you.

We are currently in Accelerate Labs, organized by the Future Projects and Microsoft NG. We were announced as on the top 100 that took part in the startup course by the Global Startup Ecosystem -Africa region founded by Christen Ntim.

I have a technical cofounder who is already working on the website. Our business can run and show traction without a website. A website is just an enabler of the business. What we are solving is a real need by film producers that would help them earn more via adverts as opposed to a nice to have service that they would have to pay for.

We already have leads to some producer from Muse, founder of Film Locations ( a startup that helps producers find film locations easily). We would be dealing with cooperate organisations, that is why we need some financial aid just to be consistent so the take us serious.


I will say you are not ready for business yet. Does it mean you dont have money to even buy a domain+hosting to test your idea? It means you don’t even believe in your idea to invest your personal money to start.


@jeturn16 Look up my startup post update. I would appreciate next time you want to comment sound a little more nice and give one the benefit of doubt. I noticed from your past posts, it was mainly filled with negative comments. Let me leave that. Your post could have derailed well meaning people who read it.


I am sorry if you find my comment offensive. But I don’t romance issues. Your update was after my comment. You didn’t tell us the status of your startup. All you said was that you don’t have money to start- hence my comment. Wish you all the best in your endeavours.


@chimexy its funny how you responded to a feedback or advice in respect of your post above… Oh what you wanted was praises or what? Apart from website which you claim is on going, nothing serious is important in your to do list. No one will put a cent into a project that you have not spent your money in.
I advise you start with your friends and family, for fund, if indeed you are unemployed and cant pull out even a Million Naira.
However, while wishing you a great success, I doubt if you truly believe in your project or if same is even registered.
With “I have an idea and NO MONEY” in your title am afraid, you are even dreaming and yet awaken


Big chief @asemota wrote this medium article. Kindly read it first.

So on this:

  1. “Sell fish”
  2. Get a job

Those are the answers you need. Both options will give you money to fund your dreams.

Spoiler: Investors are like bankers, they give you money when you don’t need it. Meaning you must have your own money first.


If none of these firms/investors can give you money after such a nice showing, something’s wrong with this picture.


He was dropped on the list… top 100… smiles