Turn your "Event Date" into Trackable Link that brings Audience to you from Everywhere - Online and Offline


The Easiest Way to Transform Event Date or Long Event Links Into Descriptive Links and share across your marketing channels

For Example;

(1) Transform This

20th February 2018

(2) Into Trackable and Descriptive short Links


(3) And Share across your marketing channels

(Social Media, Print, SMS, Blog, Email & More) and collect key insights into each Channel’s Performance.

Our Networks of Event Platforms help you to Optimize your Event Marketing Campaign using your Event (Date or Month) as a “Descriptive Link” with a Customized Website for your Event. For example; 14th.February.com.ng or Digital.February.com.ng

Measure & Optimize
Track & Monitor (Event Link & Website) and collect meaningful insights on your Event Campaign Performance using Basic or Advance Google Analytic Plugins and Optimize your Marketing Efforts to Better fit your Audience needs.

Share your Event (Date or Month) Link across your Marketing Channels (Social Media, Print, SMS, Blog, Email, & More) and collect key insights into each Channel’s Performance.

Why use our Platforms?
It is a Fresh Approach that allows you to Create “Descriptive Link” for your Event using Date or Month of your Event. It Simple to Pronounce, Easy to Remember and Promote your Event.

With your Event (Date or Month) link, you enhance your Event Visibility, Increase link Trust, Optimize SEO, Increase Click Through Rate (CTR) by up to 44% and finally build a Memorable Event Experience.

Take total Control of your Event Marketing Campaign and Maximize your Audience Conversion Rates Today.

Our Network of Event Platforms includes;

(January.com.ng, February.com.ng, March.com.ng, April.com.ng, May.com.ng, June.com.ng, July.com.ng, August.com.ng, September.com.ng, October.com.ng, November.com.ng, December.com.ng)

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