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Hi Y’all,

Have you ever woken up to the feeling of fever, aches, pains and thinking oh no! I can’t afford to be sick right now. Despite your wishes, however, the sick feeling persists and hampers your productivity all day.

Feeling totally weak, you muster some energy to head to the clinic. On getting there, your file needs to be located, that takes 10 minutes. There’s a small queue to see the doctor. Before you get in, a further 45 mins have passed. The doctor speaks to you for 10 minutes, sends you down to the lab for a ‘quick’ test. After a further wait, malaria is confirmed.

You finally get a prescription for an antimalarial and you head to the pharmacy to pick up the drug. After 2-3 hours spent at the clinic, you can finally head home feeling no better but at least you now have a diagnosis of malaria and a course of treatment.

What if you could dispense with all that and just skip to the end where malaria is confirmed and you collect your antimalarial drug after having done a test. This is exactly what we’ve done. Starting in Abuja, if you begin to feel sick and think it could be malaria. Go to to book our malaria care service. Once booked, we will route you to a partner pharmacy near you. There you can get a rapid malaria test and have treatment given within 15 minutes. Saving you the time, travel and stress of going to a clinic.

So check it out the next time you feel sick. We would like to gain your feedback. Remember that you must always test before you treat for malaria to reduce the risks of drug resistance and also improve your productivity. Malaria testing has been proven to improve worker productivity regardless of the result.

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