Tomochain - 1000 tp/s


Some Months ago, I got into the world of ICO ( Initial Coin Offering – if you have no idea what it means, just do simple google search, a lot of information for you to digest) Back to my story: One thing I detest most in the ICO is the crowd sale process as it has become harder to get in due to the maximum permitted transaction volume per second on the Ethereum and Bitcoin network ( BTC and ETH are the preferred for payment now), this results in higher transaction fee, Gas war and delayed transaction.

Early last month, I came across Tomocoin (Tomochain coin), I instantly fell in love with the possibility that can be achieved on Tomochain as a solution to the scalability issue of Ethereum:

• A tested 1000 tp/s (
• User friendly Tomo wallet to safely store Tomocoin, Ethereum, other coins and tokens (no need to have multiple wallets again)
• Zero transaction fee for transactions on Tomochain

My main interest in this project is the possibility of a larger transaction per second (which is tested and proved already), Zero cost transaction fee (bye bye to excessive transaction fee) and multiple coin storage on Tomowallet (I can have all my coins, tokens in just one place now)

learn more: (Telegram group)