Thoughts please on the banner designer?



My thoughts?.. You asked for my thought?.. I’ll give you my thoughts.

Do you think its everyone on this site that has eaten this afternoon?
My friend take time! I demand an apology… and cake :grin:


oops, i was too overwhelmed by the cake, didn’t notice the topic. :joy: btw, what is chocoliciously?


The font… It’s not easy to make out


come and go and take cake


nigerian english. too chocolatey


please explain


It’s difficult to read


Errr is that a word, Nice image , Great font but weird Adcopy… You could use or try it on an Adcopy like: Finger licking Tasty Cake, Everyones’ Favorite Choco Cake, Chocolate Heaven, the best Chocolate Cake

But if you stick to this, its up to you, the Word tho…


The font sha…


bwahahahahahaa @M.O.O man you’re hilarious
:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:


Please, change that word, no one knows what it means and it’s not provocative.