This is "E" and my co-founder and CEO Jeremy Johnson is here with me, ask us anything!


@Jeremy, you travel a LOT. How do you maintain work- life balance? What are you up to on weekends?


@iaboyeji @Jeremy Andela is one of the greatest initiatives of all time, talking about Tech in Africa. I would like to know if i have to be a backend (server-side) developer to join Andela.


Hi “E” i just finish the home study test some weeks ago with 700+, my question is that after the interview and the boot camp will andela ask is new fellow to come with there system or will every thing be provided over there and also is it a program from home to andela or we live there…your reply means a lot to me it will help me to prepare better…


“Over time, we will be releasing more and more of our curriculum and
content into the world so that even if people aren’t a fit for the
Fellowship, they still have access to the resources needed to learn.” – Hi Jeremy… This is a promise?


Congrats guys for ANDELA and Kudos to Jeremy and Iyin… I hope more Andela-like institutions come in pretty soon so the over 19,000 interested talents can also start the Coding Ninja journey. Thanks Andela. You are the best thing to happen to the Nigerian programming Community life. I see MASSIVE prosperity in AFRICA through ANDELA’s eye in and ahead of the year 2030.


PERFECT! Jeremy… This is just Perfect!


@iaboyeji I’m Tomiwa. I’m 18 a student of University of Ilorin. I’ve passion for programming. I’m willing to bunk unilorin for andela. But do andela accept undergraduates.