The first "limited edition" Radar T-shirts


I will need a Medium for myself and small for my wife


@lordbanks where can i get these?


Medium :raising_hand: @lordbanks


@lordbanks, one white with blue print L size for me

but if possible i’ll prefer navy blue shirt.


Abeg wen the orders finish…Send it our way :slight_smile:


Lol, great. Is your wife on Radar by any chance?


Update: I’ve sent PMs to everyone who made requests, if you didn’t get a message, please let me know so I can rectify.

Important: we won’t be taking any more requests for this t-shirt after noon on Friday, nor will we be making any more (because limited edition), so the time to act, if you are so inclined, is now :slight_smile:


i haven’t!


Didn’t get a PM. Medium btw. 2, male and female


XXL, for male, please!


Have to verify that XXL is an option first…


Want a medium.


Supersmall here! Extremely supersmall (size 6) :smiley:


Small (UK) please


XXL Size,
Army Green or deep blue


No, she is in Dangote Pasta’s Lab as a Quality Assurance Officer


Since when did that prevent her from signing up? :joy: :walking:


I will ask her to do the same like me. Thanks


where are the t-shirts? :frowning:


Have you been checking your PMs? You should. In fact, it’s urgent.