TechGyst Logo Designs, Please we need your review


Please we need your reviews and vote for each of these logos, your previous reviews have really helped and we need them once more. See the pictures below.
Please read About us so you can make a more valid and critical review. Consider that everything related to us will carry this logo, thank you.









for - TechGyst


Please specify logo by using A - H, thanks.


Wondering why most peeps prefer complexity over simplicity… Nway, I go for H

If only you could explain what G and D mean or where you got the inspiration from? Bro, they’re awkward!


Funny, I actually like G

However I would recommend H

Simplicity is great especially for logos


I will go for H. Keep it simple.


H is better than the rest, but if you can, just do better. :slight_smile:




Thank you very much, we will add some touch to H


We are considering putting a mini logo close to the T, something similar to ‘LOGO G’ , what do you think?


LOL, i got similar comment but, there are people who like D. hmm


Thanks :+1:


H, Keep is Simple.


Hi Go with H… Simple and Matured.


You don’t get it sir. We all choose H because of its simplicity, meaning it is ok the way it is and if you add “some touch” to it, That would then defeat the whole aim of choosing H. We love it because of its simplicity, leave it that way…


Something like this


Oga use Sample H and forget all this tweak you are doing, if over 5 people have said use that why still do this?, to be frank this isnt nice in anyway, either you go with font style or icon style only.