Supermart has Awful Customer Service. Completely Awful


Why are you posting your customer’s correspondence and order details on a public forum? This is not helping the ‘Supermart has awful customer service’ argument at all.


A lot of embarrassing comments in this thread. From the trolling, to the catfights, to the people who somehow think Supermart is justified in their behaviour to the people lecturing others while not being able to construct proper sentences. Yikes. :neutral_face: Oh Radar, never change.


Very awful, so I will be communicating with a client and they will just come and post our conversation in the public with my email et al, Na wa for this naija o.
Somebody should read their privacy policy and see if they are culpable again.


This is so true. I’ve worked at two Rocket companies in the past.


Posting your conversations with a customer on a public forum is not smart and it is quite unprofessional.

You could have apologized to him/try to resolve this on the phone before commenting here.

This is wrong.


Only companies with plenty money should do all this kobo kobo business. If you are going to depend on the profit to sustain. You’ll easily get frustrated.

Supermart is frustrated.


Oh my… The ranting finished before my popcorn. More please!

By the way, publishing your customer’s private conversation and data on a public forum is the conclusion we all needed about what you guys stand for.


Not to flog a dead horse, but…

Hello, Radar’s guidelines say that only humans can post. No brands, startups, companies are allowed to create accounts without being verified by the moderators. As far as I know (and I’m pretty certain that) no verification has taken place. Please change your username to something more personal - anything other than the company name. Learn more here.

Thank you.


How does one change a username? I thought it was readonly after creation.


Go to your preferences page and you should see a pencil icon beside your username. Like so…


@SkweiRd I don’t see it. You sure it’s not because you’re an admin?


Nope. Anyone can change their username


I can’t and not that I would want to anyway. I quite like my name :slight_smile:


I can’t change and I do want to change it.

Must be admin privileges.


I just tried again. Seems I am unable to.
I know it was possible at a time though


Hey boss. Can I update my username? Want to change it from nubikayode to nubikay – is this possible (even from your end?)


Hello everyone (cc @Diakon, @niyi, @Seguleh1st, @nubikayode).

I’ve looked a little closer into the matter, and it’s not something we can do right now. When a user signs up, there’s a short period during which they can change their username (as @StephenAfamO’s experience confirms), but I expect that that period has long passed for pretty much everyone here. It’s entirely possible that we’ll look into it later, but it’s not something that is possible right now. Godspeed.


@SkweiRd this might help:


Hello, everyone. This thread has run its course and will now close.


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