So we launched Chat Stories


Hi Guys,

Our latest feature has just gone live. It’s what we call “Chat Stories”.

A Chat Story is a conversational type of story between two or more people. As a writer, you basically write a conversation about all the characters involved.

The Chat Story tool is very easy to use. You create your characters and simply tap on them to write their conversation. And that’s it. I hope you guys will indeed try it out.

Here is a Link to read a Chat Story

And another:

So all you fiction writers and story tellers, come along and tell your stories.

The Nircle Team



I don’t fully get the idea, but it feels good to read.

A progress bar would be nice though, so one could get a sense of how long the article is. You could say the time to read at the top helps, but it feels hidden. Its dull colour, makes it becomes easy to glance past and not notice it. It should be a key information you want the reader to know, and this can be potrayed with a sharper colour.

It would also be nice, if the play-next button was fixed to the bottom of the screen, instead of having each new message push it down. It made me lose concerntration on the story as I had to move my eyes to look for the button.

Cheers man.


@sprime thanks for your feedback. That is a very important feedback. The play next button should not move up and down based on the content. We are working on enhancing the UX for Chat Stories.

Thank you indeed.


Well… How do you make money with this? I hope you get involved to be profitable and not father-christmas type. Am watching!!!


Great work, I think needs some UI/X work -everything looks bootstrappy and basic (typography - I believe you’re using the HelveticaNeue-UltraLight font but non Apple devices don’t have that font, so everything looks Microsoft Wordy)

Maybe you’ve only been testing on Mac & iPhone, you can use the Roboto font as a fallback :

(this is my opinion I might be wrong - just ask nairaland :grin:)


Hi @Predacon valuable feedback. We have not done any testing on non-apple machines. We would review across windows machines and use appropriate fall back for other devices.

Really appreciate the feedback.


@sprime We have fixed the play-next button. It nicely seat at the bottom and is always there for you to tap on while you enjoy the conversation. The progress bar would sort of ruin the experience for genuine readers as we want people to be totally engulfed in the chat story.

May I invite you to read another story and let’s us know what your experience is like.

Many thanks.


Cool. It seats at the bottom nicely.

You could add 2 things.

  1. Once the individual clicks to start the story–I do not know if this is possible, you re-arrange the page, so that message goes to the top, as the play button seats at the bottom. This will set the individual’s screen to only show the messages, and the play button. I could explain more if that doesn’t make sense.

  2. As the user ends the story, instead of just “End story” showing, there could be share buttons, which appear larger than the End story. Doing this will show the user where to transfer all the excitement from the article, and since it will seat where the Play next button was, it would be easy for the user to click and share. Do not that, the user sharing the post is an easy way to help increase users on your kind of platform, it was very helpful in Radar’s early days to gain users and increase engagement.



@sprime absolutely agree with you. Call to action right after the story is so important for conversion and we will be adding that shortly.


@sprime take a look at this one.


I like this one :+1::+1:


Nice! The new implementation feels better, I like the way the story pops up and takes the user’s focus.

The play next button still appears below my screen though, I have to scroll up to see it. Maybe you can check the device’s screen resolution, and adjust the story pop-up box accordingly.

Also can I restart the story after reading it, so it flows like a new one?

And the color combination for the Google pizza text blurb feels not to clear to read, maybe that one is just me.

Nice one all the same :slight_smile: