So Andela is an American company?


I came across this Wikipedia link of Andela. It is described purely as an American company with no location in Nigeria . Is this correct?


Did you even read the article?


of course, it’s not a Nigerian company…Andela Nigeria can be likened to Google Nigeria…the goal is to benefit the parent company.

I’ve always argued against whenever I hear folks say " Andela is the best thing to happen to NIgerian Tech sector"

It’s a corporate ladder to drain Nigeria of " useful talents"…to benefit the parent country …

The goal is to ship out every budding talent from Nigeria to America,.

Frankly no matter how we look at this, the equation was and is never in our favour.


Completely disagree with you here. While Andela may probably not be the best thing that has happened to Nigerian Tech sector, its definitely one of the best thing that has happened to Nigerian Tech sector.

Its very wrong to claim that Andela drains “useful talents to benefit their parent country”. Talent is everywhere, and what Andela has done is to expose many Nigerian developers to tech companies around the world. Many of these developers didn’t have the skill before they joined Andela, several others are already very good, many others have just minimal interest, for many, Andela has made it possible and easier for them to be exposed to work and life in the tech sector, experience working with established teams and developers in various parts of the world. I have friends that are Andela developers and for all of them, the quality of their output and life have improved over time, with many of them happy that they’re not going to face what many people face with several Nigerian startups. Also, consider the community projects Andela is doing, look at ALC (which I’m was just accepted to join) and Teencode, these are great community initiatives to grow our tech sector. The experience Andela developers get working for tech companies outside (other African countries, North America, Europe) is invaluable and would surely improve our country, its more win for us bro.


After you get to the million dollar funding stages, no investor will allow your company to be based in an African country. Unfortunately here rule of law doesn’t apply while investors want some recourse if you do any hanky panky. That’s why big investors usually insist on incorporating in the US and they prefer companies with at least one US founder who can be held accountable in a US court of law