Cheapest way to protect your domain from mafias, check site uptime, validate SSL certificates and more


Hello, been developing this app for more than six months now. The app protects you from losing your domain name to the so-called domain mafias by sending you timely reminders and alerts before and after your domain expires. It also keeps you ontop of your website or web app uptime through 3 minute site checks. Also validates and checks for SSL certificate expiries. These are the most popular features right now.

Power users might be interested in healthchecks or cron jobs feature. It lets you know if your cron job from wherever it’s defined actually executed. You can also use it to send heartbeats on status of particular service and if that heartbeat is down, Site monki automatically alerts you that the service is down.

Currently in beta and free for limited period of six months since March. Check it out, share some feedback please.