Should I employ full time staff or hold on?


I left my job to focus on my software marketing and implementation business and today marks my 5th month of self-employment. Sincerely, it’s been a great journey for me, though without challenges but I thank God, I always have a way to tackle them.

On a side level - I have two five-figure income tech blogs.

Here is my point, I haven’t had a downtime (consistent sales month on month - thanks to my SEO skill); am not talking about one naira sales, I mean figure monthly sales with almost zero cost. In my first month, I made 10x my monthly salary, and right now, I have over 7 clients that are waiting for me to book an appointment with them.

This is a business I started as a blog before quitting my job.

I don’t think raising capital for expansion is an option for me, but the question is do you think it’s time to employ fulltime staff?


Hey man, nice one for taking the plunge. I have a few advise for you but you have to answer a couple of questions;

  1. Have your client paid you?
  2. If yes, for how many months?
  3. How many clients can you take on per time?
  4. If you stretch yourself to satisfy them within the period will you still make them happy?
  5. If you are hire new employee will they be able to do exactly that you do or they will be doing other small things that waste your time?

When you answer this, I will share further views.

Cheers…and keep making money. Wanna share your URL?



I already have existing clients, the 7 clients are pending deals of which I have already closed 2.
When you say how many months, I don’t get
It takes 5 days to deploy and train.
Your last question is a big concern…Am working on replicating my self in them so they can deliver while I supervise.