Selling comics in Nigeria


Sure…thanks…the story is very compelling, which is key. Watch out for the graphic novel(Hard copy and Soft copy) coming out at end of this month, it won the most African oriented comic at 2016 Lagos comic con.


Hello gOD , You can monetize your comic collection with . This is an online digital library for book and comic lovers. users subscribe daily or monthly with their MNO’s using this service. Contact me if you would need more information


Will surely do…


Hi @gOD,
I know it’s very late, but you can also monetize your comic, as well as other digital content via

Payments are available in NGN, USD and GBP too :slightly_smiling_face:

Here some creators selling their content via Selar

For more demos, you can checkout


Dude… you should get paid for this… your smart


sugabelly that is not sweet. is that one sugabelly? … na joke o. i like the way you just say it straight to the point without “sugar-coating”. looks (usernames), they say, can be deceiving


Hey! @gOD I think this is pretty cool! I’m not a comic guy, or animation guy, but I can appreciate the growing community in Nigeria. Especially when I came across Lagos Comic Convention.

So I have some questions.

Why do you want to sell to this customer segment? Is it that they have shown signs of a growing need for this genre of content or you believe it is an underserved segment?