Selling comics in Nigeria


Hello everyone,
I co-own a comic and animation company, I wanted to ask what is the best way of selling comics(for starter) in Nigeria. Majority of the comics and animation company seems to be getting it wrong, how do we sell to customers at the base of the pyramids? who are interested but lack the income to purchase them. The name of my company is Peda Studio( and the name of our project is Chronicles Of The New Born(, we raised about $9,000 via kickstarter some months back to produce a graphic novel, which will be out in February.
We also have merchandises like T-shirts and toys too, looking forward to your responses.


I visited your website. Weh done sir. I like what you are doing. I will buy whatever you are selling.

If you want to sell to the base of the pyramid then you have to go offline and I don’t mean shoprite or game store offline. I mean News Vendor offline and as for the affordability? You might have to dip on picture quality, perhaps a black and white version?


Realize that you aren’t selling comics, but a good story… If the story is shit, then its pretty much a collection of graphically illustrated selfies… Tell a capitivating story and you’ve got your sales. Plus what @Lord_Commander said…


You can sell comics online, we have a good number of comics on our platform at okadabooks


Will try that out, I was thinking In terms of the Nigeria music industry, infact majority of content creation industry in Nigeria for that matter. Make the content free, bear the risk for awhile(if possible) and make money of it after a period of time from advert etc. Dunno how logical that’s sound, but I believe in a country like naija were majority of its population live below the poverty line but loves anything entertaining/entertainment you have to think long-term, if you believe what you are selling is captivating and will gain traction. What’s your take?


As for the story you can get a better understanding/info here:
We are into story telling/content creation basically, and the art is just a medium of telling that story. No matter how beautiful the art is, if its not compelling and captivating…like you said its “a collection of graphically illustrated selfies”.


we are on your platform :grin:, and the 1st issue(issue 0) is available for free there. My brother as Tubaba talk…“we get plenty thing to talk about” and businesses to do too :smile:


I like your enthusiasm but please don’t do free. It’s better to do cheap than to do free. It costs your time and money to make these things right?

You can also partner with a brand. There is one comic I am always seeing in supermarkets. It’s about football its called strika. I think dey partnered with a beverage brand or so.

Whatever you decide don’t do freemium. It will just break your heart


sure thanks…we wouldn’t…we already have it on sales(pre-order) on the comic website and planning on doing so on other platforms as well. As for partnerships with a brand, we are working on it too. Thanks once again for taking your time to reply.


Like Every Product u need to look at your target market…i mean your core target market who are usually animation lovers aged from 12-35( im serious!) can afford to buy comics or like animations, are internet savvy and have the earning power to buy an issue (eg. N 500-1000) now u can offer them deals.

Subscription: Subscribe say at N 3000/month and its shipped or distributed to you for 4 volumes or 2 volumes or 1 volume depending on your frequency to their home or office.

Events: Leverage on Events and work with Art and Entertainment events where you can market to people directly or host ur own events to showcase using mascots.

Online: E-commerce partnerships on Dealsites, Your own website, Book sites.

PR: Leverage on PR via Guest Blogpost, Influencers.

School: Market to Schools to stash their book clubs for secondary students.

Distribution Partners: Forget Eateries and co, find distribution partners that work with your core target market.

Vendor and Direct to Home Marketing: Moving within Estates your team can sell direct to homes.

Your online and offline marketing strategy should be 50:50.

we can discuss more :slight_smile:


Nice platform


Thanks for the suggestions…Sure will send you a mail


Super strikas is probably the most widely sold comic i’ve seen. I think you should study their model and apply it. I remember they used to sell it at Texaco filling stations and Mr Biggs. All kids love comics as long as the comic is relatable. The key thing is getting it easily available and affordable to the public. The mistake most comic companies are making is targeting a particular “audience” and just remaining online in a country where people don’t like to pay for things online.


I suggest you take a cue from Super Strikas and partner with a fast food, filling station etc that has nationwide coverage.


Sure will try it out. Though a lil’ stale since some other comic creators still do it till date in some eateries, but we will give it a try. Maybe the reach is the issue. Thanks


It’s been said, but I wish to reiterate the fact that your story IS the key. You see how everyone is mentioning Super Strikaz? It’s because that comic was once a rave hit in Nigeria. Back then in secondary school, we’d strive badly to get our hands on the latest release, and whoever had it was the Godfather men! But then, their stories went south…

I hope you’ll publish a monster story. That’s how I see you succeeding, and then I’d be a customer too. :slight_smile:



I’ve been privileged to know talented artists. I come from a family of artists and my mom is an art teacher. My talents pale in comparison to the likes of Jydekris (Lineguage) and his brother Martin (Epoch??? comics). These guys taught themselves animation using 3D Max in the early 2000s. I grew up with them.

I appreciate your works and you’ve got something great going on. Like someone already pointed out make sure your stories are on point too. I suggest you distribute at eateries and petrol stations like Superstrikers did. Display your stand at Food fests and any family/teen events. Yes don’t necessarily give out free but make it cheap. Put bits of your comics on social media (like Obaranda) with links to your Check Out/Buy page.


I’m not interested in selling comics to anyone who isn’t ready to pay a decent amount for my art and writing.

Totally uninterested in the “bottom of the pyramid” because those are the ones who want to buy a graphic novel (that takes a minimum of one month of backbreaking drawing 8 to 12 hours a day) for 100 Naira.

I’d rather sell to the middle and the top of the pyramid who can afford to pay $15 per tankobon sized copy of my work.

Saying this as someone who’s been in the comic space for a while and tried out different methods.


Thanks…will surprise you to know majority of the illustrators/animators around are from the bottom of the pyramid. Also just because you are putting in money, blood and sweat does not mean you should write off an entire target market. I believe tailoring your products to meet each user-base is key, I like using the Nigerian Music industry as an example…you can download free(low sound quality) or you can purchase from iTunes, the choice is yours. Thanks once again.


Yes…we tested the possibility of selling in shopping malls recently and we sold 200 copies of our kiddies comics Amazing Tekkids in 2days(weekend). Right now we are reworking our marketing/distribution strategy. Thanks