Seamfix review and opinions needed


So the other day I had an interview with Seamfix nigeria limited and I thought their interview process was a complete joke. While I was waiting, I observed their modus operandi, and even the directors, I don’t know it it was just methough. I recently read an article on them and thought it would be a great place to work besides I have a couple of people on the inside. First of, the HR ladies are a joke, especially the yellow manager. The questions she kept asking were completely irrelevant to the task, they had no job description and could even decide on a proper job title or renumeration. Speaking with my friends that work there, I also found out there’s little room for growth unless you kiss the ass of the HR manager and the directors, she went further to say that half the workforce keep leaving for better opportunities so all they do recruit more people, who in turn leave after a month or two, well she also resigned shortly after joining, they changed someone from COO to marketing manager and all sorts of tales. The HR bullies people that want O resign or tells the management false tales about people with no sense of confidentiality. It’s really sad and scary. To jump in or not? Any experience with this company?


I dont think this is true. I have a number of folks that work there . Every organisation has its own challenges.

There are lots of brilliant people there too.


You seem to have a lot of info already, not quite sure what you want from this post.


What exactly is your question? You probably came to tell us what you observed.