Say hello to OyaPay


Hello Radar,

Oh POS, that bulky thing with high failure rate due to internet and other infrastructure problems.

OyaPay is a mobile to mobile payment for offline transactions in Nigeria. Simply put, you can pay your neighbourhood mallam with OyaPay by using scanpay(QR) or bluepay(bluetooth).

It works with or without internet for both users

We will be piloting with MOOD beach club and providus bank (distributing partner) and will be available
soon in other part of Lagos mainland and Island to learn more sign up to attend our launch party :slight_smile:

Share your criticism or doubts



TBH, its 20 times harder to convince an average Nigerian to download an app than it is to ask for their cards to make payment.

Again, am not sure where you got your statistics about 90% failure rate though.



Hi Henry,

You’re totally right. We believe it’s gonna be hard which is the most exciting part.

If we can convince people to download the app and use their card, it’s a huge win
for us and the whole ecosystem.

On the POS failure rate ->

We’re in for a long run, If it will take us time and money to help change things for better,
we’re ready to go all in :slight_smile:

“Who will ever thought Nigerians will use cards online?” - Some years ago

Thanks again


Hi @SosoJaded

Can you DM me those typos and grammar issues ?

Thank you


Hello @wkyo,

Nice job. Well my worry is that you are still using card infrastructure behind. My advice is you find alternative ways of funding the wallet as card payment in Nigeria is just messed up.

Good luck.


Tell us more about your launch party


@henryC You are a complete Novice. Did whatsapp force any Nigerian to install their app? Who told its harder to convince an average Nigerian to download an app? If you have a problem solving app, na you go run for download and usage from Nigerians… just keep quiet when you dont have anything to sale


@crescent, with all due respect, I think the better approach would be to ask him for sources or data to back up his claims if you don’t agree with them.


You will be able to fund your wallet with cash :slight_smile:


How true is that. I have seen Nigerian App with 1m - 5m Downloads.


So where does the rubber meet the road? IOW: at some point something is going to ask a bank (or your servers if it’s a preloaded wallet thing) and say: “A wan xfer N to B. How far?”

If you’re relying on the same network as POS, I’m not sure I see your advantage, since I’d sooner just use my card than fool around with yet another app

What would make my day, is some way of making payments anonymously. As in, I just bought 20k of something, but I’d rather not let the vendor have my personal details (not even my name, because I’m incognito). I display a QR code on my phone, they snap it with their phone, and 10k enters their account.

If we use SMS, it could be like this (123 is your company’s unique UUID sink)

  1. I TYPE: 123vendorID*amount#
  2. Vendor gets a unique one-time code on his phone from your server, which he shows to me, as a two-factor authentication thingie.
  3. I then TYPE: 123uniquecode# to approve the transaction.

As the requester of privacy (and I don’t want to carry wads of cash), I’d gladly pay 0.5% to 3% fee.

Of course this would all be academic if a bank starts issuing anonymous debit cards for exactly this purpose. The bank knows who owns the card, and the pin… it just doesn’t have my name and details on it.


the same vendors that use the oyapay app to accept payments can also help people fund their account with cash


I think Mcash from NIBSS already does the USSD thing. Its cost N20 for transactions below 10k.