RE: Uber Lagos Charges. No, It is Uber's Fault


Anyhow you want to put it, this is a big FRAUD. These companies should bill in USD and stop deceiving us that they are billing in Naira but turn around and debit the customer the USD equivalent.


I’m selling pitchforks if that will help with your riot.


Please learn to be civil. This is a public forum. You are not the moderator neither are you the owner of Uber.


But you are the one moderating my light hearted sarcasm though. I take it that you were responding to me, as I was the one putting it anyhow I wanted it. Don’t be angry.

p.s. I’ll assume you’re not buying.


I just returned from Lagos, and it appears ALL my Uber trips had this issue. They have to give me back my money. The charge was displayed in Naira, and that is what I expect them to withdraw from my account


I think part of the problem here is user education and companies familiarizing themselves with dynamics from country to country…

Uber can display a naira charge based on interbank /cbn rate…but your bank will probably bill you using parallel market rate or a mark up above the quoted price. None of this is uber’s fault.

To make matters simple, Google $1 in naira. No bank will apply the rate you see there!


@xolubi Thanks for the very thorough explanation, this really helped in understanding this.


Do you accept USD or NGN or “yes”? :->


New information:


Asides Uber, can you confirm if the charge other items at official USD rates?


If you borrow me 12 dollars at the official rate, I’ll buy a domain with my GTBank card. If I get charged more, we’ll call it even :joy:

Haven’t done any dollar denominated transactions with my GTBank card since December. Moved all forex transactions to dollar denominated card with Stanbic.


I meant with Diamond Bank card, not GTBank.


No, I can’t confirm that, I don’t have an active Diamond debit card. It is relevant, but why is it necessary? To see if they decided to not debit at parallel rates just for Uber via a special arrangement?


Now that you asked… my question seems redundant. Will still like to have a good idea on their exchange rate. Might be a good time to switch sides.


Its time to consider getting a STANBIC or Diamond Bank Card.


Lol it’s pretty obvious that the Nigerian currency exchange system is at fault here. All this story. Sigh