Rants of a Nigerian tech community enthusiast


Since 2015, I’ve watched passionately as the developer (and by extension startup) community in Nigeria evolved.

2015 was the year I was fortunate to work at Andela, then in Yaba. Working there gave me access to a bunch of events and people. Following the fellows at Andela, I attended meet-ups at CcHub.

Ff to 2016, and I was doing work with Stutern, a job placement startup whose twin founders I first met at one of the CcHub meetups I previously attended. In that same year, I started to cover tech and startups for TechCityNG.

Never have I been more interested and excited about the great things our people are doing.

This year, Developers organised what I’ll call the biggest international dev conference in Nigeria. It trended on Twitter for two days and has a lot of hype from the international dev community. Full recap here.

Before then, I had written about the frustrations our developers face when trying to apply for a visa. I believe being able to collate their woes contributed positively to the conference mentioned above.

I do not intend to give up on telling our developers stories because I believe in this pieces of history we are documenting would be useful for the next generation.

We won’t stop :muscle:t5: Shout out to every developer out there blazing the trail and changing the narrative that young mobile Nigerians are Yahoo Yahoo boys.