Providing a public API for States and Cities in Nigeria


Underscore should have been used instead


why though?


See @logbon72’s previous post.

I think you should reconsider using hyphen in property names, it makes the properties a bit difficult to use directly with JavaScript.


I forgot to mention that we fixed this days back. It’s now

  "name": "Lagos",
  "maxLat": 6.7027984,
  "minLong": 3.0982732,
  "longitude": 3.3792057,
  "maxLong": 3.696727799999999,
  "minLat": 6.3936419,
  "latitude": 6.5243793,
  "capital": "Ikeja"


Will it be possible to integrate the boundary data I sent? May be an extra call :wink:


Damn. Thanks. Also @logbon72 I’ll talk to the guys about the boundary data. I think we tried to add it one time.


Can you make a pull request please?


OK, I’ll do so


Nice job, Guys. But one question, how do I pull out State Code…


Nice work, How do I implement it into a non python app


Needs a lot more data than just states and cities. States and towns would help. There are more than 1,000 of those. Also, Google is doing the same thing so don’t know how useful this will be long-term.


This should be integrated into the Postcode thing suggested by @OoTheNigerian


Probably should be the other way around, since this one has actually taken off?


There are endpoints specified in the README. Just find a way to consume the API on your app.


I pointed out that state code endpoints ain’t mentioned in the
Truly, plenty more data is needed to make it more comprehensive, I’m looking at the social xteristics like language, food, resources, geopolitical zone, etc #JustThinkingAloud


This project will soon have to rename itself from states-cities to states-wiki with the impending bloat.


Rightly said…


I’ll talk to OO and Timi to see if we can all work together.


does not seem to be working anymore?


Yeah. Keeps dishing out a 500 (Internal server error). :cry: