Project to create TTS-Yorùbá


Hi guys,

I’m new here so please pardon if doesn’t follow established culture. My name is Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún and I run, a site that has been on for over a year now.

Yesterday, we launched a fundraising effort to create a computer voice for Yorùbá via speech synthesis. It’s also called text-to-speech because it converts written text into comprehensible human voice. I wrote about my motivation here. The fundraising effort itself is on Indiegogo here.

But more than the money we’re raising, I’m also interested in talking with developers interested in this question of synthetic voice and artificial intelligence in African languages. Why are there no products in this field? How can we solve the problem of their absence? Are you interested in joining our team in any way, either as volunteer, investor, an intern, or team member?

Let’s talk. Cheers.


This looks super interesting. I know Victor, and would love to know more!


Just seeing this. It’s a great initiative & I wouldn’t mind Volunteering for this. You can send me a mail on much4coolj at gmail dot com


Hello Victor,

I am from Cameroon and very much interested in your project.
I am curent’y Working on an AI open source vocal assistant for African Languages. So far I found the project Common voice project from Mozilla and project but they do not include African languages as you would expect

Would you please contact me on Please I am waiting for your reply