Productivity based start-ups and tools in Nigeria


Hi, I’m building a product around Google Drive, essentially adding a little extra service to it.
A lot of person outside the shores use cloud storage like Google Drive a lot especially for team file sharing.

So, I would like to know how many persons around in Nigeria use it for both personal and team collaboration use?

Please comment below if you use it, why you use it and how frequent.

PS: The service I have in mind circles around productivity and coming to think of it, why are there no productivity startups and tools in Naija?


I used google drive quite often, most of my important softwares are there. never used it with my team tho. but i think the reason why some don’t use it maybe personal. my technical team in church use dropbox for file sharing, and we share files almost every other sunday.


Drive just had some features added to it , if people re not using it as often as they should then they simply do not need it or they do not know the function , there’s slack , and repositories for other form of work collab and file sharing , what re you doing exactly ? a hybrid of slack + bitbucket + drive ?


Nope, not a hybrid of slack or bitbucket it’s essentially for file sharing and document collaboration like using google drive to store Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and other google suit tools that are usually stored on google drive. I discovered with my team that changes to shared folders or documents are not notified to all users, which results in regularly checking of these folders and docs which dampens productivity. I’m looking to add a service to improve that.


Does your team uses some google suit tools like google docs, slides etc on dropbox?


I use Dropbox both personally and at work. Drive for me is for mostly work coming from the Google docs or photos.


Exists -


@Nosaaaa Some notifications on google drive do occur like when a document is been shared. But others like renaming of folder or file, moving, and other activities are not notified. even changes in docs, sheets or slides would require their equivalent apps.


Not really


@Nosaaaa Interesting, notification is available for Sheets only. Will try it out with the settings provided and see.


No. mainly because a handful of them use yahoo.


@sidiuskomeh hmmm, is there an equivalent of Google suits on yahoo?
what did you actually mean by this “mainly because a handful of them use yahoo”?