Prepclass is in dire need of a FULL TIME CTO! Please read if it interests you!


My name is Olumide & my business is PREPCLASS.COM.NG. Over the past 3-4 years my co-founder Obanor Chukwuwezam Riomachi and I alongside our amazing team have worked tirelessly to build Prepclass(alongside some experiments) . We have observed and learnt so much about education ecosystem in Nigeria( and perhaps the West African region) studying different education business models (both core & ancillary services) We have made mistakes upon mistakes in several ways but above all, we have adapted to the market.
Over time, we now understand the market (both offline and online) and
On the heels of the $322k grant we just received from GSMA (and some significant funding round about to close) we are now about to enter the 2nd leg of this journey.
We are seeking a companion on this journey, a technical co-founder.
We are not interested in some Albert Eistein but we are looking for a smart youngster geared towards tech entrepreneurship.
We are looking for a young and sharp mind that wont mind owning a part of this gigantic herculean task of building the strongest education brand in Africa.
Up until this point, we have focused on the business(and trust me, we are getting it right). We are now on course to significantly invest in technology and for this reason we need a full time, committed and dedicated technical co-founder.
We are young
We like to think we are smart
We are incredibly hardworking always thinking about the big picture
We are focus mostly on the numbers and like to avoid “noise”
We don’t dress corporate or like to speak “too much grammar”
We are swift and fast
If you share some of these attributes with us or you know someone that shares this attributes with us. Feel free to DM me.
Currently we have 4 major products(2 web apps, 1 mobile app and 1 VAS app) in the pipeline waiting for the right person to manage/build.
In the past we have used PHP frameworks with Twitter boostrap(we would like to stick with that)
We currently have a team of over 7 remote developers and we are waiting for you to manage them.
We are willing to pay very very well(typically more than a startup should)
We have tried to hire talent using several channels or means but WE HAVE FAILED.
At this point, we are now looking for someone that is hungry for success, the square peg in the round hole.
We are not looking for a STAFF, we are looking for a TECH COFOUNDER!.
Please DM me or send an email to if this interests you!


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