Please who has used LifCaf


So I’ve got almost an almost 3 month break from school and would love to work hard on something online but due to power restraint at my residence in Lagos, I am looking for a convinient coworking space which wouldn’t cost me much (Actually, I don’t have anything).

Cc Hub’s “6th floor” is an option, but I am looking for "plan B"s.

So a TC writter mentioned LitCaf in one of thier articles about coworking spaces in Lagos, but they don’t seem to have a functioning website.

Has anyone here tried them? If so, what’s their pricing like and how convinient and serene is the place.

Also, if you know any coworking space/hub is close to yaba, please do recommend.

Thanks. :smile:


I use LitCaf now. I like it. And it’s cool. The guys there are quite cool too.

It goes N25, 000 a month. What I like about it is, it’s not a tech-hub. There is actually a mix of guys there. And it’s quiet most of the time. You even have to answer calls outside.

Other than being a workspace, it’s a good place to escape to if you want to clear your head. And no, I’m not paid for this recommendation. It’s really because I like the place.


There have been a couple of coworking threads already. You may want to search Radar & check them out to see if you can find alternatives.

Here’s one, for a start: Alternatives to CCHub


Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve used it, did the monthly thing but did not continue reason being that their chairs are really horrible. I could barely do anything productive. If you will be working for long hours on a computer, then those chairs are not meant for you. I quit going there just after a week of using the place.
I told them about the chairs and that they should change them to more comfortable or at least office kind of chairs but the guy there was more about the moolah than how his clients felt.


I use LitCaf. I used to be very steady till my job moved me to the Island for a bit. It is great, quiet and is close to white House (lol!). It costs N2,800/day and N25,000/month (if memory serves me right). They also offer free wifi and thanks to the pricing, you wont see any ‘regular’ person whose aim is to charge phone and crowd the space.


There’s also tpx hub at Opebi, Ikeja…N1500 for a day for a desk and chair…complimetary wifi too.