Please i need ratings and feedback android app


please i need ratings and feedback about this app on how it could be better improved.
USSDial is an app that has a repository of the USSD codes of every Network and Bank in Nigeria. USSDial enables you to perform countless mobile transactions including:
• Check Bank Account Balance
• Check Airtime Balance
• Check Data Balance
• Top up Airtime
• Bank Funds Transfer
• Purchase Data Subscription
• Recharge/Load Airtime
• Recharge Another Device
• Borrow Airtime
• View Your Mobile Number.
USSDial functions 100% without internet connection and does not charge for any transaction.
download link if you want to check it out


Nice idea. full marks for innovation if you are the first mover in this space. However,

  • Your design is just bad, like very bad. You don’t have to blind us with neon green for us to know that its a Nigerian app. Design is not your strong suit. Pay someone

  • The name USSDial is off the mark. Picture me as a bored consumer browsing the app store and I see that name. It won’t resonate with me immediately. I will keep scrolling

In conclusion, this is a useful innovative app that I will definitely use. Good Job.

Also, for the love of all things holy, if you want someone to click on your link. Give them a reason why dey should. Describe the app and add screenshots. More people will go look at your app this way


thanks for the feedback. appreciate it


I like it. Similar to an app I’ve built before, but only for networks. Good move extending to banks. The name is okay. But… Please. Use. Material. Design.


Thanks very much for the feedback. We are currently working on the UI. Please do give further feedbacks as you use the app. Appreciate


This is a very good innovation but design is poor… material design or give it to a professional designer and launch it properly otherwise only your friends and relatives will know about it


thanks very much for the feedback


Sorry to reiterate this, but please heavily invest in design.

And by design, I don’t mean the terrible bright green on black background. I mean even the way you display info. Is a modal with a list of radio options the best way? Is there a way to make it super easy for one to use? Just little things like this.

But I love what you are working on. Very simple idea with huge potential. Well done


My Jaw dropped when I saw this post about this app. I had an idea for something like this but with a very very very different approach.

Good job anyway, but i’m coming in HOT.


thanks for the feedback
@mikeWoka lol well good luck in the project…we are all innovators and problem solvers
@steveamaza points noted. Thanks for the feedback


Many of the people here have spoken of the UI but i would like to dive into product itself and business viability.

1: User Flow and Experience should be seamless, look out for competition like Zoto and co,
copy if need be( yes you heard me, copy and get better) please work on sign up process,
authentication, maybe removing OTP altogether by auto generating transac code but key thing from sign up to use must be fast, simple and beautiful.

2.Business Viability: I Quoted some services you want to render with your product below and i believe only few have strong use case as it stands today.

a) Check Account Balance: The Telcos have this easily sorted, people just type in their short code or use the sim card app on their phone to get that info, why would i open the app to check for account balance also the banks send SMS and Email Notification of your current bank balance so again why the need to use your app to check for account balance? Just kill it, no purpose and need.

b) Data Balance: Strong User case here, if it can provide you real time info on data usage and balance helps keep you on track to manage data, i mean here Etisalat can zap your data faster than i can type a…

c)Top up Airtime: Good ol Top up, crowded space but hey if urs is Far faster then better, helps if it has a save feature so each time u want to top up u can easily top up by a click( u can save as many different patterns as possible)

d) Bank Transfer: Very Valid if u can do dis for all Banks not just GTB, but issue is do you have all the USSD Codes or all the banks have USSD Banking Service launched yet?

e) Purchase Data: From your Data Management feature, helps lock your pattern so it seamlessly top up with a click as well.( easily able to know average data time usage from say Day 1-7 days or less for a 1GB usage…i might be reaching here)

f) Recharge and Recharge +: Well it will never stop being valid as long as we use pre-paid subscription but the margin and volume and saturated products with similar marketing styles has just made it very bleh, now Telcos are even launching own apps to recharge airtime, borrow airtime so wats new about urs? they have faster recharge speed than you can boast because you still have to query their own system.

g) View your Number: Really???

All in all, great service but you must come to the party with a cannon while the others have paper knives.

Wish you well.


Lol… Oga @Freshboi_Ekundayo not everything is a business oh.
Seriously, though, I don’t think the OP wants to make money from this. After until development, maintenance cost isn’t much, so it’s not like there’s some huge loss to offset.
But then, maybe you already knew all this but wanted to see things from the business point of view. It’s okay.


Actually integration cost will eat his money except he has a way around it, why create the app if u wont make money :smirk:


thanks all for the feedback
points clearly noted


This is one of the few thread that got good great support and positive feedback… and am loving it so much… Can you let us know the success of it so far?