Peppement - Turn your spare cash into cryptocurrency


Hello Guys/Gals, I wanna introduce a new kid in the block, Peppement.

Africa, especially Nigeria has seen an explosive growth in personal finance savings management platforms, which have helped the under banked attain some sort of extra financial edge that banks have greatly neglected.
We want to take it beyond that, and give Nigerians and Africans extra financial power, in micro investment. It is almost impossible for an average African to invest in stocks or bonds, but the decentralized market of cryptocurrency would open all Africans to opportunities that was previously closed to them and invest in the future.
It is no news that cryptocurrency adoption is a slow process, what we envision is making this transition seamless.
With Peppement, anyone can register, link their card and set aside little amounts of money daily or weekly to use in purchasing digital currencies.

How it works?
Users sign up with their social account, create a wallet, link/add their debit card and create an investment savings plan (crypto type, duration and amount).

A complete live demo is ready for all to test and get a feel for what is installed.

Try it out now!


We would love your critique and feedback.

  1. Your site isn’t secured.
  2. Crypto isn’t an investment.
  3. Wallet?

The primary concern of any Fintech platform should be security. SSL is almost free so get one. You also need to spell it out that crypto currency isn’t an investment. Not exactly sure what you mean by wallet, but if you are buying crypto on behalf of people then you need to be registered and regulated.

Advice: Apply to paystack/flutterwave or any fintech and build a product for them. Being an underground software developer is cooler than a famous CEO.


Hi @manifest, mighty thanks for your reply. both the landing and application url is SSL secured. Maybe you could point out where it isn’t, that would be grateful.

On point 2, yes cryptocurrency is an unregulated market or industry now, but its your only opinion that crypto is not an investment, if you have fact of this, pleases state it.

“An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation”

Read more: Investment

Yes its a wallet, not a decentralized one but the type you get if you use most trading or exchange platforms.
Lastly, I fully support this new market to be somehow regulated (but not fully regulated like fiat currency, else there would be no point of cryptos). I don’t want to be a famous CEO, I want to create service and value for people. Thanks, for your honest advice.



Thank you for pointing that out. That message is there bcos of an image link that is not https. That would be fixed ASAP. But rest assured. That only effects the landing page. The main site app is fully SSL secured and valid. (Login page and user dashboard). Do check it out.


This has been fixed.