Peer to Peer Lending in Nigeria


Hi @eksammy

Our team has a structure no different from any other fintech company. However, they are VERY competent people; which is the differentiating factor.

Regards data paucity, we have access to data which we use to analyze risk. I cannot speak more about the depth of our data sourcing or how our model works for obvious reasons. We analyze three factors however; financial, personal and environmental. As far as insurance, all loans are insured and the name would be available when we release.

We have a team that carries out KYC both in-house and outsourced. I hope this helps


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Why does this website request for one’s card details, before giving out a loan?


Hi @naruto

Apologies for the late reply. In the event that you take a loan, your card is charged the supposed principal and interest you should pay every month. I hope this helps.


When I signed up on the website, I was asked to pay ₦40 and which I did, and just now am being debited another ₦40 for NO GODDAMN REASON?





Sorry to hear about the glitch and the issues you are facing. There is a possibility that you were never debited in the first place. However, if that is not the case, I would see to it that your issue is rectified by cob today. Thanks


I was debited the very first time…


I got proof with date of the debit.