Paystack's YC Application, Published


Yesterday, Paystack’s published their YC application on their company blog, tweeted it and I thought it was interesting. The only company with a publicly available YC Application doc that I know, is Dropbox by Drew Houston. Application video by Zenefits’ Parker Conrad is also somewhere online.

I have always been a fan of that team. They share, it’s really hard especially if it makes you vulnerable. Their place is a place I wish to be in a couple years. Now sharing your application document is a very big deal and we should applaud for this, because:

  1. If you get your application right which is a very, very big deal. You’ll get an interview which means you are a step away from getting in. And can easily get a return. Stat is 60%+ of each batch applied 2,3,4 times.

  2. Getting an interview and not getting in, is not entirely a bad thing because it opens a few doors for you and forces you to reconsider your business.

  3. The application process by their questions forces you to look for answers about your business. You can hardly fake it.

How I know this? We’ve been interviewed twice and I wish I’m as bold to share our document.

You might not be interested in YC or not at the stage you think they may consider you but check it out if you missed it:

Ezra is on Radar as @xolubi so yeah, he’s pingable too.

P.S.: If you need help with your application, I can help. My input of course, is not a guarantee. Godspeed.


@shollsman’s post is highly commendable. :clap:.

Here are some thoughtful examples of YC applications and advice I got while researching for my application.

Hope others find them useful.

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  4. (links to 59 YC applications and interview tips)