Payment on Delivery Vs Payment Before delivery (From Konga)


Konga recently stopped Payment on Delivery for all categories…

From the look of things it hasn’t been easy. Merchants has been crying, sales has been down to the core.

I’m not sure if the option of Pay before delivery can work in Nigeria yet.

I might be wrong. I have played in the Ecom sector for over 4yrs and have been doing POD.

The business became terrible as soon as I tried to introduce Pay b4 delivery.

See what konga Merchant are saying

Can Payment before delivery ever works in Nigeria?


It may be a matter of a gradual introduction of this pay before delivery to merchants/customers. Dropping the pay before delivery on customers appears to be a cliff of some kind.
Could these marketplaces have considered sweeteners to help the adjustment? Just wondering what would happen if the offer became xx% off due to the pay before delivery switch or explicit money-back guarantee (buyer protection) as added incentive.