Owerri Tech Meetup


Good afternoon guys, i would like to use this medium to let you guys know that we have a meetup coming up in Owerri , its meant to bring everyone interested in tech from within and outside of Imo State. Imo State has been silent in terms of technology community development and contributions to Nigerian Ecosystem. We believe no one can help develop Owerri except we occupants, indigenes and residents of owerri. Its gonna be a Networking and collaboration event, sort of a get together where people can come together to learn, collaborate, share ideas ,meet industry experts, get advice as well as motivation to grow and contribute to the Nigerian ecosytem at large. Students, lecturers, employees , employers, tech enthusiast and everyone interested in tech is welcomed. please help get the word out, tell a friend. thanks
Its on the 26th of August at Crisp Royal Hotel, Imo State University Junction, 12pm - 5pm

below is the link to the event registration page on eventbrite. its free


This is great and long overdue.
Is there an agenda for this meetup?


nothing really yet sir. but we are open to support and recommendations sir


@DozieA ngwanu :grinning:


Like we did in Benue this January :+1:


Sir would love to have you around at the meetup.


Lol. @GbMillz send me an email on doz.capitalist@gmail.com


Sent you a mail sir. Thanks


Great. send me a mail. kevinekwenwac@gmail.com


sent you a mail sir. would love to hear from you soon sir. thanks


good afternoon guys, this is to remind us that the meetup is happening this saturday, same time same venue, bring a friend, tell someone. thanks


hi guys, we successfully held Owerri Tech Meetup last saturday, for those that reached out, thanks. And for those that might have loved to attend but couldn’t make it to the meetup, i felt i should add the link to a story that summarizes the meetup. Do check it out.Thanks