Our Bot just made it to the final round of messenger challenge. Recommendations please


Please, we need your recommendations and suggestions so we can improve our bot.
Facebook page link https://web.facebook.com/babapolitricks/
Messenger link https://www.messenger.com/t/babapolitricks
youtube link

Baba Politricks aims at community building, through leader and follower accountability. We are encouraging both leaders and followers to be accountable through a manifesto rating system that serves as a first hand performance communication tool to leaders(by-passing praise singers), and a database where the community members can check up previous leader performance(based on manifesto rating) before deciding who to vote in an Election. Leaders from high school up to any level can be added to the platform. We aim to catch them young:joy: . We know its a long walk, but we hope you can join us on this journey by testing, criticizing, suggesting and sharing our bot and its message. We are always open to your recommendations.
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Really nice one you have thereā€¦ I will give my proper review after I check it out (which can be anytime)


Thanks a lot for checking us out. Really appreciate