Opening an ALAT account is the worst thing I Did this year!


I first found out about ALAT from here. I thought it was a good idea and decided to try it. It worked just the first week. I then stupidly moved all my cash to ALAT. This week I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. I’m at a laundry now. Just finished washing. Their POS can’t process the card. Now I’m stuck here. I took all my clothes thinking I’d wear something fresh before going to work. To make it worse, I have a date today and she’s traveling 2hrs to be here. How in God’s name will I manage?

I have been calling for the past three days. No result. The girl answering me even sounds like the same person and has no idea what she’s doing.

The card doesn’t work on thrive. Thrive is what I use to make transfers with my other bank card. I tried ALAT card on thrive and it’s telling me International cards are not accepted. I don’t know how or why thrive thinks it’s an international card.

Online payment doesn’t work too. Interswitch through paga or when I tried to buy a domain can’t process it. Paystack can’t cos I tried on naira box. Flutterwave which is thrive can’t too. The only thing that has worked since I got this account was ATM withdrawal which has stopped today. Cos I withdrew yesterday. POS stopped yesterday.

I have 30k limit per day. They said It’s cos I’ve not submitted my documents. I’ve done that last week. They then said it has not been verified. That someone will come to my house to verify me. If I knew this part God knows I wouldn’t have tried registering for ALAT.

I can’t make transfer today again cos first thing I did this morning was pay a contribution of 30k. Which I have to pay like this till it completes 100k and the guy is already pissed cos I was supposed to have made this payment last week.

The worst thing they told me also is that I cannot withdraw directly from wema bank but I can only make deposits. What nonsense! I’m removing all my money soon and I’ll never try ALAT again.

I’ve tried to recharge now through the app so I can call my brother to bail me out for the day. Recharge too isn’t working. My brother isn’t online on whatsapp.

Nigeria isn’t ready for a digital only bank. Honestly! Big mistake I made. Now I’ll be stucked till tomorrow cos the only thing on me is 200. If I don’t transfer 30k to the guy tomorrow. He’ll think I’m just not ready to pay him. I can’t give him the full amount and get stranded tomorrow again.


Kpeleeeee! Like the proverbial adage said about “putting all your eggs in one basket”, you seem to have a single point of failure (transaction-wse that is). You should try and keep multiple cards (the teleco taught us that and it had never failed us :smile:)

Try and call out ALAT on Twitter …it works like magic. Thank me later.


whaooo this is serious!!! Only you all these problems?? It must be that either something is really really wrong with ALAT or something is wrong with your details and your account opening with them. It’s so sad. I also have an ALAT account, didn’t come without its fair share of challenges, it’s Nigeria… No business can ever b problem free in Nigeria but everyone of them been resolved and i must confess my experience with ALAT tops other banks x10. I will keep my eggs in this basket… I do transfers as high as 1M and am earning a whooping 10% on some goal savings… Am sure many other testimonies are like mine… My advice tho… Send a mail to their help desk stating ALL these huge problems if possible use same subject line for ur mail. Can hardly remember the Addy cos i hardly ever have issues but if my memory serves me correct it is Follow up immediately with a call and since ur situation with ALAT seems unique, demand to speak with some supervisor or manager cos trust me, i won’t blame any customer service person who appears lost in the sight of all these problems. You as well may appear same when faced with it. I cant remember their number too, but i think it is 0700CALLALAT or 07000CALLALAT. Twitter Facebook etc, well i cannot say much about that… Wishing u luck


Good day @craigprins. I really empathize with you on all the issues you have listed. could you please send your contact information (phone number email address) to so we can reach out to you and immediately resolve all your issues.

Your account is an ALAT account with a maximum of 30,000 Naira daily transaction(because you are yet to fully complete your onboarding), so if that it is the first transaction you did today, obviously you will not be able to consummate any other kind of transaction. You seem to be someone who deserves the similar limit like NNSS00. so your experience can be over the moon. We will help ensure that. Please provide your details since you cannot make any calls. let us call you immediately.


Hello @craigprins, we would love to assist in resolving all the issues you stated in your post and changing your experience, please assist us with your contact number so that we can give you a call, or send a mail to and we will get back to you immediately. You can also reach us on Facebook (Alatng), Twitter and Instagram (@alat_ng). Hoping to hear from you soon.


I knew ‘customer care reps’ would reply to him here, it always happens. But I thought he said this:

Am I the only one thinking that radar will fare better as a customer care platform?


You’re not alone. Just to get my account working, I had to post on radar after weeks of trying to get hold of their support. Their customer phone number doesn’t work, they don’t reply to email or twitter.


Reply as ALAT with your chest dammit!!!


Says the person who opended an account on radar and commented for the first time same day this topic was posted. whats with the disguise anyway?


This was very Unnecessary by the Alat Team. What were you guys trying to achieve by creating an account on Radar just within an hour a complaint was posted.


cant reply as alat when am not alat. Not everything and everyone into that logic pls.


Oh yes… Cos it was an interesting post that was dropped on a WhatsApp group i belong… Had to share my experience too. Not everything is a customer service gimmick.


Lol… I guess the real alat guys already responded. Not everyone fits into that lame logic u pulled together.