Nigeria's Version of Google, China has Baidu


democracy != good governance
Hitler was kinda democratically elected []

And how many pple had police killed in the year 2016 in Russia, China, Turkey and (let say Saudi)? Welcome to the GREATEST DEMOCRACY!

Back to the topic @ hand Technological Progress is determined by commitment by the Govt not the type of government, let the Govt. repair our dying educational system and see how we’ll scale.

Any Govt. can decide they don’t want ur business in their land anymore. Demo or Crazy.
“Buhari can’t just wake up one day and say “alright, Nigerians, Facebook and Twitter are banned”. It will not work”
--------- Except for using proxies and tunnels what will u do, protest?


Instead of copying Google search add value to a search for information on Nigeria. Go for quality not quantity. Package search results and make it easy to access. Google is already doing this in some form. A search for example on buhari should be as informative as providing his profile, sentiment analysis, trips he has taken, speeches he has given, his trending policies, etc.


You can give it a shot as in freestyle but don’t go with the “let’s give Google a run for their money” mindset so haters won’t tell you “Ehen shebi we told you” :grin: . But it would be really nice to see this pan out as planned


The fact that you’re bringing Hitler into this analogy is disturbing mate. And I pointed out countries like Russia for a reason. Turkey have the same fake democracy as Russia and China is a communist state. Things are vastly different in those countries.

And yes, I agree, technological progress can only go so far without a government’s support.

There will be no need for protest in such a scenario. Social media is also valuable to them. A large part of the reason for Buhari’s 2015 win was their campaign’s social media engagements. They need social media too.

And to the topic, there’s no way govt supports anything of this sort. I mean, there are several brilliant innovations and advancements that smart Nigerians have tried to push in healthcare, agriculture, etc but have blocked by Nigerian politicians. If they don’t see what’s in it for their pockets, they won’t give a rat’s ass. So I guess the better way to phrase it is that it’s not like they’d block a Nigerian version of Google. It’s just that they won’t care even a tiny bit and that will handicap such a project almost to extinction in an already tough battle.


I might be bad at search, but can’t you get localized contents in search results by adding locale say “Nigeria” or “Lagos Nigeria” as part of your search words.


Life will be better if I search for “Gionee service centers” and get locations like Lagos, Abj etc. And not India. But then I need to remember adding Nigeria because it’s not too much work right?


You know, it’s almost automatic adding ‘Nigeria’, much easier than trying to remember the URL of a local search engine whose results you don’t know how reliable they are.


Do you know Mediatek started with those chinco phones that nobody cared about? Today they power a huge amount of Android devices. If we had some data gathering firms I won’t be surprised if they report that 80% of android devices in Nigeria are powered by MTK chipsets.

Somebody will use a local search engine if the developers keep the service and creativity alive.

You might not understand my example sha. But as a child I rocked crazy Asian products like (i-mode). Let’s have some crazy Nigerian stuffs.


This thread is unreal.


We will sure contact you as we progress.


Well done @Shoguns2001. I want to submit the following:

  1. Embark on this project to gain experience in a sophisticated world of search engines. 1 in 5 black person is a Nigerian. Our major Nigerian langauges are spoken and written by at least 80 million persons.

  2. What you are intending to solve might not necessarily be in demand now, but sometimes, the best innovations are those which create demands.

  3. Think of an exit strategy from the beginning. How would you and your investors exit after running the search engine for years? It could be in form of a public listing at the stock exchange or acquisition/acquihire by a bigger company. In your case, an acquisition is very much likely.

  4. Depending how innovative your project will be, you could easily be acquired and integrated into Google for millions or even billions of dollars.

  5. Think big and dream big. Everything is possible!

I wish you all the best.


@Ndianabasi your well laid out comments are inspiring. Thanks for seeing things from our own perspective.


cant wait to have a demo of it


Government Policies keep the Internet Space in China a lil different from other Countries. Do your home work. However a good Idea. I think It may not be there yet but eventually I hope solves the problem you may be seeing (TO AN EXTENT). Starting is whats important.

Like @spokentwice has said the investments that have gone into Google will probably take joint efforts by several Nigerians who INTENTIONALLY, see a problem and try to solve it. In the mean time. Niches


I just read … @xkape and I just keep getting the feeling if you want to be different in Nigeria. Don’t take opinions too serious and take opinions seriously. Point being you need to be careful who you listen to. @Shoguns2001


China has Baidu because the is a restriction on within China that blocks out external websites. Hence why Baidu could flourish, however you want to take on Google in an open plain like Nigeria where the likes of Bing and Yahoo couldn’t win? All the best.


Bing and yahoo might not understand the Nigerian market like a local. Or are not seeing Nigeria as their primary market. I still believe a good algorithm+implementation and proper marketing can give a local search engine some fair share of the search market.


Facebook and co flourished in an open plain decorated with competitors, so not the best argument.


Apt. We have built a couple of solutions that when we first shared them with friends it was supposed to be dead on arrival, but we have enjoyed some customer delights.

I personally see counter opinions as pitfalls to watch out for.


@ukay @eaweb guys don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it can’t be done, am saying is it the is no need to reinvent the wheel, the age or search is over, Google won, we are in the era of AI and and machine learning, put all that energy into building for the future.