Nigerian Startups To Take Note Of


Hello Guy,

The other day my boss called me in the office and told me the company wants to diversify and its looking at the Nigerian tech sector. I was tasked to look for note worthy internet startups and give him a compiled list.

I know i am in the right zone to get this, pls guys just reply my post with names of starts up you think have great ideas.

Thanks for your replies


Check out
Pukena uses technology to organise and mobilise informal service providers to give a superior and cheaper experience to employers. Pukena aims to be the go to marketplace for blue-collar jobs on-demand ranging from plumbing and electrical work to gardening, painting and car repair.

Given that the issue of unemployment remains a source of concern for Nigeria’s economy we are positioning Pukena to provide an innovative solution to the hundreds of thousands of young people looking for jobs in the informal sector


You might want to check out Offers NG
Offers NG takes pride in being the beautiful bride of Marketplaces and Classified ads listing sites.


Hi, I just took a look at your platform, and there’s a lot to talk about ranging from product strategy and design to monetization plan.
Do me a mail


What is this office? At least give us a little something for the research we are about to do for you.


Touchabl Pictures:

  • Social network + eCommerce

  • A_-powered picture platform. Instantly search for anything in a picture by touching it.


I searched for a lady’s butt and it was showing me a baby’s diaper lol. Plus the app seem to be crashing too

Nice idea though.


Bad guy!
Crash report noted.


Oga, this sounds like you’re crowdsourcing ideas to go and present to your company to clone. Abi does your company intend investing in any of these startups?


If I was a Billionaire, the companies I will want to invest in includes

  1. Paystack
  2. Paylater (enterprise edition)
  3. Piggybank
  4. Safepay.


herd mentality ? Is it because fin-tech is hot ?


The herd is actually supporting ecommerce.
Is Fintech hot?

Look at the Data. Look at the Market demand. Then reach a sane conclusion.


Ecommerce ?
I’m actually part of a committee that analyse startups for investment in Nigeria and Fin-tech is actually #1


So you will agree with me that it’s wrong to insinuate that it’s crowd mentality to pick fintech ahead of others, since according to your account fintech is number one your committee has chosen, unless you guys let the crowd mentality determine your pick.


What I’m saying is that: 90% of startups we receive since January are in the category of fintech


hello, are you part of the team?


Yup! at your service sir!


How Now.
Kindly whatsapp, let’s chat.


You should checkout . they’re an online Tech. Support platform that provides free solutions and support for device issues like phones, tablets, laptops etc.


You might check the next generation social online classified site is an online classifieds sites. Our goal is the empower everyone in Nigeria to buy and sell online safely. We understand the difficulties faced by many Nigerians in getting the right products they want to buy or sell. We at understand this need. That is why we created a platform that is simple and easy to use. We also help small and medium businesses to independently connect with buyers fast and easy.