New E-commerce Platform


I did give him straight to the point advice.

But you seem to have skipped over the part where I told him to delineate his competitive advantage by establishing and dominating a niche in your hurry to rent your garments over me saying his website is ugly.


enjoying this thread, (first comment yay!)


Definitely from nairaland


Lmao. hahaha. I’ve been saying this since forever.


@lordbanks I believe what @micky has done up here is doxxing and isn’t tolerated on most public forums. FYI.


Damn! The anger in this thread. @sugabelly you dey try o!

Yup, I agree with @xolubi about the doxing thing. Threads should be moderated closely.


@xolubi I believe we have the power to moderate, we can flag the comment.


@xolubi Mr god, it seems you are the god of radar, that determines the punishment for people, did i publish any private malicious information of anybody? every detail i pointed out is publicly available on this forum, calling on @lordbanks to inflict your godly punishment for expressing information available on this forum shows you are a very good mummy’s boy, keep it up. but take note when you criticize people consistently, you should be damn sure that your game is tight and take the heat when it comes.

As for mr @ADT please dont be giving bling support to web/English language you don’t understand.


No. However you did connect dots that had nothing to do with the discourse but wholly intended to shame the victim. Even in the event the victim isn’t embarrassed by this, you would have still succeeded in making people focus on something totally unrelated to the subject.

Now, what do you have to say about the e-commerce website in question so we can move on. I mean, he wouldn’t have created a thread if all he wanted was for everyone to rehash a Jason Njoku quote back to him, would he? :blush:


You sir, are tacky as hell. Congrats on taking non-personal comments and making them personal. You are trash. :blush:


Dude i posted on that above but here it is again, i dont comment on UI/UX design with ecommerce because product is whatsup, Amazon has been ugly ever since i can remember and it is still ugly, yet its still the most successful shopping site in the world, when they started was ugly as a bat face but now its going strong as one of the coolest UI/UX ecommerce site in Nigeria, so my comment to @ofemi is you have launched your product, “all you need to do now is focus on your customers, advertisers,investors, every other stuff is just noise” ,you know who said that? Jason Njoku, online business is just what it is a business, you dont need anybody here to validate your product just make your sales by having your target and you will be fine,


Please refer to the guidelines of using radar here


Good. Now move along.


@onyeka Ladies in tech need to stick together, clap for yourself Ms harrypotterglasses, between @onyeka and @sugabelly who is the white and black angel, time will tell, but do advise your colleague to tone down her language, nobody has a monopoly of insult behind a computer screen…


ok mr god…seems you have power craze issues disturbing u…


That is exactly the case. If enough users believe a member of the forum is behaving badly, they can flag the offensive post which not only calls the attention of the mods, but will also make the offensive post hidden till things are resolved.


Seriously I survived all the jabs i received here? Wonderful! :blush: thank you all for your comments. I have noted all the points raised. Seriously you guys are great, i respect everybodys comments and opinion. Guess it was not a mistake this place is called Techcabal.
But to be sincere, you guys really took me to the cleaners oooo! but in the voice of @spokentwice thank God i am a nigerian and not an indian.

Aluta Continua!


clap for yourself Ms harrypotterglasses

You sound really young. You’ll learn. Then again this same thread has a married father that trolls posts for ‘fun’, so you’re probably doomed.


I believe this is a convenient place to wrap this up, thanks.