Nairaland is falling with style or it just lacks innovation?


Am a huge fan of Nairaland, I have been a member since 08, That’s almost 10years ago.
This morning I read a topic on Radar where Nairaland was mentioned the I asked myself "Why aren’t you using Nairaland anymore? ", This seem somehow because I read Digests like hell, Especially when am in Lagos traffic.
Here are the things that I think helped other forums that Nairaland doesn’t have in place.
Digests: Personally I read all my digests because I don’t have time to be scrolling across any website for the latest updates.
Design: normally forums are well known to look ancient, So many people has asked designers to leave Sun alone but I think a little twist will be fine.
Mobile App : Nairaland doesn’t promote it’s mobile app on the website not even on their footer. - I have no comments on this.
Features : I use Digital point forum on that forum you can remain on the same page and track your websites pageviews, Earnings, and Payments all at once. Nairaland doesn’t have a single Facebook like Button. - I mean even Google is having a hard time by not being straight with Facebook in the first place. FYI- They need Facebook data to give their users quality contents like Microsoft and twitter did .

Even Radar has better features than Nairaland (I stand to be corrected).


I dont even remember my password on Nairaland anymore… Left there long ago… The founder lack professional advise… May be he saw few millions of NGN in his account in 2013 and felt he has made it… the forum is still stucked with the default faded template… I hate to look back on that forum


TBH It’s a waste of space. There’s a lot of great things we could do with a Nigerian website with 1.8m members. (I’m looking at Russia’s VK or China’s Weibo).

But because nairaland exists I can’t just come up with my social media site and expect people to use it mainly because tons of people still use nairaland.

Waiting for the EveryOne Should Just Leave Seun of Nairaland the F**** Alone crew to come for my head :open_mouth:


Leave him alone! Until you build something and you are able to build that kind of userbase.

I am not a nairaland fanboy, I actually run a forum that I dream someday will become naija’s VK.


Sigh! I am not a fan of stagnancy, but I can bet the is a “Nairaland needs to innovate” trend on every social platform in existence today. The guy has shown time over time that he doesn’t intern to evolve, I think we should leave him be because its the same people that are clamoring for evolution that will come for his head if the “evolution” fails (case in point Linda Ikeji social).


Nairaland. linda ikeji nairaland linda ikeji. Una nor dey taya? The average nigerian that visit all these sites don’t care about all these things you complain about. If they did, these hustlers would be out of business a long time ago.


@codegidi, @Lord_Commander. What’s worse that doing something is doing nothing. @codegidi, I know you’re a Linda supporter but, Am sorry to let you know that LIS is not even a thing yet before it crashes. I mean it is only known in about 30% of Nigeria. Am from the North-Central and I can tell you that even JAMB website is More popular than LIS not to mention the North. OLX, JIJI, Vconnect are far more popular and widely used.
Sorry if my comment about LIS hurts- I only spill the truth.
Please don’t bring her matter to this thread, It will be disrespectful to Nairaland. - They are not in the same category.


For now LIS is a dead forum on arrival…that is for sure but I like her latest effort on opening an office and been professional now…one thing I fear is does she pay complete taxes? one thing in Nigeria is counting and elevating how much people earn but fail to pay taxes promptly… Its high time Nigeria govt or tax department set out to recover taxes owed from incomes generated by our flamboyant celebrities… I bet you billions are untapped.


@techwizard have you paid tax before?

NB: answer truthfully, all liars mop tears in hell.


Really ? how did you come about this knowledge? telepathy ???

I just used LIS as a point of reference, you did a whole analysis on her complete with percentages. I think you should heed your own advice.


I did that, Just to let you know what your

is worth.


@87_chuks Yes I do and you are not paying taxes on your income, then you are not a patriotic Nigerian… I am advocating for all celebrities to be cross checked with an eagle eye… approprate taxes and levies must be collected from them… not just showing us fleet of cars and houses and then rob us blind… same goes for the Pastors… If you claim your church is a non profit making organization and yet you can send dollars and euros to ladies accounts, there is no reason for us not to believe you are in a serious business and making profits…


You are missing the point. Ask yourself why Nairaland and LIB is still popular and profitable despite better looking blogs and forums coming up every day. Take those lessons and apply it to your hustle.

Forget all these techcrunch and silicon valley talk about UI/UX bla bla and more bla. Those things don’t necessarily apply here. Unless you have lost millions in this hustle, you will never understand. Tha naija market is different. Find what works and profit from it

  • You don’t even know what I do for living, Not all of us are in the same boat.
    -I work and get paid, I don’t know what you mean by Hustle??

Silicon Valley is about solution not Blog and Forums.
Oh, you think Facebook is accepted because of contents?? Think again. - It due to their chat platform, which is why he acquired Whatsapp when it seems he is loosing out on the game, Same reason why is now stands alone as Facebook Messanger, This is something none of this things you mentioned above has.
I never even brought up anything regarding

But since you’ve said it, I’ll play along.
Do you know what that means, Are you saying User Experience [UX] doesn’t matter??

  • Please if you can strip all the CSS and JS of this two platform off and let me know how happy you are to use those platforms.
    **I rest my case **.- Opinions are not facts, Take them and then let them go.:slight_smile:


Exactly, means you don’t know anything. Stop drinking panadol for another man’s headache. If you don’t like the way nairaland is, open a better version then come back and tell us how it went. How can anyone take your words seriously when its just talk?


Am sorry to disappoint you bro, Am not falling for that your excuse trick.
AN average CS student will build a better looking Forum and a Blog.
Anyway, Now you’ve just pointed out what your master[Linda] is missing, See - It not just about building things.


I guess you are young and passionate. Let me help you

“What is the point of building the best and trendiest night club in town if nobody visits the nightclub? It’s just empty?”

I lost a fortune building something better without understanding the market. Most foreign startups that close shop and get out now realize this.

It goes beyond code base and a fancy wordpress theme. The market is brutal. Ask any of your mentor that is in this space. The market(Nigerian) doesn’t care


Sorry Oldie but, Being old doesn’t cut it anymore.
As for your essay - TL;DR.:grin:
Practice what you preach first. - Try and make something of the remaining of your [old] career instead of being a junkie for Linda.


You lack comprehension skills. I said that because I couldn’t very well call you stupid. That would be rude. This is sad. This is very sad. Shildren of nowadays. smh


Nicely said, Thank you. - you’ve just let the anger out.
I guess it feels good, bye.:sunglasses:
Am sorry. - This is nothing personal, I respect you.