rebranding to


All their articles are now using the domain but the site name and logo used on their site and social media platforms still says

Anyone know the rationale for this? Maybe there are configuration issues with ? Typing in your browser doesn’t load anymore, hangs indefinitely.

If this is an intentional shift it has not been well orchestrated. Not a good look for the most visited indigenous site. I personally prefer, short and sweet.


The Nigerian government shut down the domain for promoting terrorism activities:

Now they are playing cat and mouse with the domain the same way Pirate Bay is always changing domain after being charged in court.


Shocking stuff, thanks for sharing. Really strange that this happened under the radar (pun intended) with virtually nil coverage. Although details are sketchy, I think it’s super odd that was lumped into the same category as pro-Biafra sites. Seems more like a personal vendetta for other reasons (maybe tax evasion, for example), more than anything else.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel that digital platforms are invincible when it comes to government and regulations. I don’t recall such a significant govt-mandated shutdown ever happening in Nigeria. So technically speaking, NCC can unilaterally decide to shut down porn sites or similarly morally devious sites tomorrow?

Stark reminder that, like in virtually other real sector industry in the third world, you need to make friends with government folks if you want to stay afloat.


Naij is known for blindly aggregating any click generating news they find without care for editorial direction. I wouldn’t be shocked if they had reproduced some Biafra stories in the name of getting clicks.


The website is not completely shut down, but will not be accessible from a Nigerian IP. if you change your IP you might be able to access the site. Meanwhile the also need to be banned though they have deleted most of their fake briafra news in the new domain but it still contain thousands of their fake news.


Naij is not an indigenous company. Its owned by Genesis Technology Partners in Ukraine. They also owned jiji and other sites in Ghana and kenya.


This is a false/fake news.


make them go stupid company