My little seo experience from my week old blog


These are my thoughts only!!!

Seriously guys if seo is not one of your marketing channels, then you are missing a lot. Below is a week journey experience from my new blog, for streaming and downloading african music instrumental and beat.

While listening to one of mr eazi’s track, i fell in love with the beats and decided to check for the instrumental online, so i googled it and found out a lot of blogs plying in that space. so i decided to take a challenge to create a blog in that space and demonstrate my seo prowess.
Immediately i checked up the domain on whogohost, discovered it was available and i registered it.

NOV 8:

  • Registered domain,and hosting


  • Installed wordpress since thats the best choice of cms to use, while searching for a good template i discovered newspaprer wordpress template which is virtually the most popular wordpress template among bloggers.
  • Setup newspaper template, installed demo contents.
    -Created a simple logo.

NOV 10

  • Started creating contents i.e aggregating music instrumentals from the net and creating content around it on the blog
  • Created Quality backlinks

NOV 18
a week later, having 98views in a day, alexa ranking is 4 million.

I have just 12 blog posts and they are all ranking on google, All blog posts i create gets crawled on google immediately. the most important thing i am trying to point out is that building backlinks for your startup website and blogs is very important for google ranking, mark essien knows the importance, that was why he tweeted he was going to provide free consultancy services for people who link back to


Hi bro,

You’ve got a perfect entertainment niche - Great site! SEO is what you truly need - There are lots of high traffic low competition keywords in this niche.


i could benefit from your blogging experience, how can we talk


More update
PS: This is just to share ny experience should incase it may benefit newbies who are planning to start their own blogs.

So basically while i sleep, google just keep on driving traffic to the blog, this is due to the seo basic works that has already been done or a solid seo foundation that was established.

SEO is divided into 3 major aspects.

  1. On-page Seo:
    This has to do with your content being structured in such a way that it contains all the keywords you want the webpage to rank for. Before creating a post, I ensure i use google keyword planner to analyse the volume of traffic attached to the keyword i am ranking the page for, check for the competitions. I only use keywords with low competitions and high traffic volumes.

  2. Off-Page Seo:
    This majorly has to do with a lot of backlinks that links to your site, you can getg links from press releases, open forums, blog posts, etc

  3. Technical Seo:
    these includes your site speed, website structure, bounce rate. Ensure your website is not slow, use a fast template if you are using a cms, slow websites hampers seo ranking, ensure your website is well structure and provide quality contents to have a low bounce rate.

So far, yesterdays total page views was 278 views, traffic has been organically increasing by itself.

so Nov 18, i applied for google adsense and guess what? after 3 days, i got the rejection mail, ok, no problem, i decided to move on and i started applying to adsense alternatives and i settled for propeller ads network( because of their high earning offer. propellerads displays popups and other forms of offensive ads on your blogs which provides very poor experience for your visitors. on the first day earning was $0.015

After running propellerads for a day , i decided to quit after reading google’s terms and conditions and discovered their strict laws against popups and popunders. This time around i decided to give google adsense a trial again, i registered a new email, applied for google adsense with an entire different website (one of my clients own), google approved it, then i added my website to it, created ads banners and added them to the site.
First day(today), earning is $0.08 and still counting.


Great and wonderful job you’re doing! I hope to read more from you


Good job. Any practical steps on how you generate backlinks to your blog?


You Adsense placement is very poor - a simple tweak could drive your CTR to 9-10% - below post title, text links at the middle, and square/text link after your content - boom! you will see the result.


Actually great places i inject my backlinks are public forums like nairaland, radar, etc.

Job hosting sites and every other sites that allow you to post. press releases are great places too.

I use this tool to analyse top blogs backlinks to know where they post their links so i can copy them.


thanks, i would effect that


felt like updating today,

traffic has been increasing day by day, now it average about 2000pageviews daily.



you can also contact me for the seo of your startup website at


Quick question, if you get rejected once by Adsense, is it advisable one applies with the same email registered before?


Welldone but just chill. A bigger blog can easily outrank you with all these details you have exposed now. Just my two cents though… :slight_smile: